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May 30, 2006


We hope you're okay, sir.

(Thanks to Amanda)


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The Running of the Bulls it aint

Of course not, Coast - you don't get cheese from bulls.

I chedder to think what would happen to Mr. blog if he had to chase his cheese.

The unusual event has been celebrated for centuries and is thought to have its roots in a heathen festival to celebrate the return of spring.

What happened to just getting drunk and dancing nekkid?

fivver - that comes after they have their way with the cheese.


It would take a LOT of alcohol for me to muenster up the courage to do that.

The organisers said the number of injuries was comparatively low.

"We usually average around 30-40 people who need treatment," said Jim Jones, operations training manager for St John's Ambulance.

He almost sounds disappointed.

or edam and weep.

woulda, shoulda, gouda.

ricotta go now.

What will those crazy Brits think of next?

Pride goeth brie-fore a fall.

Thank goodness they didn't conduct this in Nazareth, England. Cheeses of Nazareth?

*snork* at pogo!!

Is it so hard to catch CHEESE?

Punkin, it's easier to cut.

where daredevils chase giant cheeses

That's a place I'd rather not visit.

Thanks for taking the detour around the high road, fivver!

Naturally, the only music you could be listening to whilst reading this blog would be The String Cheese Incident

Q: What did Little Miss Muffet and the former Soviet Army have in common?

A: Both had curds (not Kurds)in the whey (not way).

With all these cheesy puns, should the blog start a digest?

I'm allergic to dairy products. I can't even read jokes about cheese.

A guy walks into a clothing store, and asks the clerk for "milk-colored" shoes. After looking for a while in the store room, the sales clerk returned and told the man "I'm sorry, sir, but I've never heard of 'milk colored shoes' before. I'm afraid we don't carry them."

"Sure you do," exclaimed the man, "I want a pair exactly lactose I saw in your display window."

(Sorry, I had to milk that one a little bit)

Here's an idea: Instead of flying from, say, Australia or the US, why don't they just buy their own dinner-plate sized cheese, roll it around in the yard for a while, and then eat that?

What, nobody's cheesed off?

And for a whole wheel of Double Gloucester (that's glosster to those who don't know)any cheese fan would happily roll down a hill.

"Mmmmm... how about a bit of Wensleydale, Gromit?"

pogo (& y'all) --

If they'd decide to have a festival like this in the USA, and had it in Monterey, Jack Bauer could just shoot the cheeses in the ... um ... nevemind ...

They were chasing a gaggle of cheese! They're lucky they didn't fly away.

The funny thing is that they have been racing the cheese for 500 years, and the cheese always wins... PEOPLE OF GLOUCESTERSHIRE. MAYBE IT'S TIME TO CONCEDE TO THE CHEESE! LET'S FACE IT, YOU'LL NEVER BE BETTER THAN CHEEDAR!

Matt - Cheddars never win, and winners never er, 'ched.'

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