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May 30, 2006


(Thanks to Ed Stoudenmire)


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Dammit! How come I can never think of these things?

Oh, and First.

And did you check out the other ridiculous patents on the "patently silly" website? Booze derived from animals....yum (NOT)

It is also good for mental institutions

And this guy should be in one!!!

Oh, and "Hi Judi"....how come you don't get to globe-hop with the boss?

Nevermind. Not first. But the question still remains.

Schadeboy, I think Punkin beat you to the FIRST thing!

Let's hear it for the women - YAY!


Eleanor and Punkin, I have just two words for you.

What Ever!

didn't Rod and Todd Flanders get this for one of their 'pretend Christmases'?

I a sure that mental institutions need a wireless jumprope./

What's next, a cordless dog leash?

Wait a minute.....

I thought of it first!

From the patentsilly page, my favourite article has to be the Water skipping article. Mostly its screed on rocks of all things. I like the testicular-friendly chair too (or Ball Chair to use its given name). The human/animal coordinate collar was SNORK worthy too. What will they think of next.

Effort optional.

So, can I get a mythical gym membership? Maybe an oarless rowing machine? How about a pedal-less exercise bike?

How about just a hammock?

The perfect accessory for the Emperors New Clothes.

Okay, so am I the only jump roper out here who thinks this is actually not such a bad idea?

sort of Marcel Marceau meets Evander Holyfield...

"Do you need to jump with a rope? You don't," Ernst said. "But I wouldn't buy the product, I can tell you that. I'm not an idiot."


i'm pretty sure you couldn't double-dutch with it, so what's the point?

I actually tried to jump rope the other night. I could use one of these. It was a competition between myself and another coach. I ended up doing 20 pushups. Darn rope didn't even make it around once.

insomniac.....*snork* (darn good thing I didn't have anything in my mouth at the time....would be cleaning up my screen!!)

I think it's a good idea, Mary, having tripped on my jump rope more than a few times.

(thinking out loud)

I could actually just cut the rope off of my jump rope, yes?

This concept is sorta familiar ... seems as if I recall some comic or magician or someone using this idea as part of his routine ... back in the dark ages ... of black-and-white-only TV ... merely ... semi-forgetful ...

Daisymae: Well, but just cutting off the rope wouldn't give you all of the amazing benefits of the patented centrifugal marble thingy that these handles have.

Now, if they could just figure out how to get all of the benefits of weight lifting without the weights, I'm all ears.

What's wrong with booze derived from animals? Nothing wrong with drinking that. As long as there's room left for Jello...


Back in jr-high we sat around one day writing "polish inventions" and suggested a ropeless jump rope, along with powdered water and a solor powered flashlight. I did't realize that there was a market for this stuff.

"Cordless" Jump Rope? Puhleeze, cordless is like so last millenium. They'd sell much better if they called it the Wi-Fi Jump Rope.

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