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May 10, 2006


(Thanks to this blog's cousin-in-law, Ron (burp) Ungerman)


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Woo Hoo. I need one of them.

Of course the t-shirt wearer is related to Dave.

And ya know, the beer will eventually produce gas anyway...so it's win-win.

Unless you're Mrs. Blog.

I think we know a newly-announced future baby whose parents probably own several shirts like this, including the one that says "Beer: Helping Ugly People Have Sex since 1754!", which may also help to explain his existence. (Kevin Federline looks like the Cheshire Cat with a chaw pouch.)

where do I send the check?

love it, love it, love it!!!

I'd like to amend that t-shirt.

"Crap beer is cheaper than gas"

The hoighty-toity stuff brewed by monks in Belgium for several years until it's thick enough to chew still costs an arm and a leg....

/beer rant.

Ummm...be careful with that arm and leg stuff...seems to me we recently had a whole series of posts about torsos and moreso...

P.S. ....In bats of various potent potables, that is. Criminy, ALL our posts are about bodily functions.

P.P.S. AAAAArgh! VATS, not BATS. And body PARTS, as well as bodily FUNCTIONS!!!>.

OK...it's official: my last brain cell just succumbed. R.I.P., little fella.

Don't feel bad Betsy. There's actually a cute science fiction book titled 'Vats, Bats and Rats'.

I used this in a story over a month ago.


And you can buy beer at gas stations, which means they have both, markets covered! The nerve!


Yep, them beer store people are gonna hafta move fast ... mebbe sellin' six-packs of Unleaded ... or, advertisin' that the alcohol in their beer will also run their car ...

(NOTNOTNOT!!! Do NOT try this at home ... let the science lab geeks and nerds try it out first ... Do NOT blame ME if you find that your minivan does not prefer Millers™ or that your Bronco pukes on Bud™ ...)

*snork* @ U.O

You have it all wrong. You can't buy beer, you can only rent it.

Good luck trying to get THAT security deposit back!

I refuse to drink any beer that's going to cost less than $3 a gallon, that's just disgusting.

classic style and great one.

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