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May 24, 2006


Baltimore style.

(Thanks to CoastRaven)

UPDATE: Meanwhile, police in Idaho face real terror.

(Thanks to Susannah Nation)


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I figured I HAD to send one in that didnt have Bawlmer cops arresting someone!

Shucks, we just had four local county policemen fired yesterday for engaging in a bar fight.

"To Protect and to Serve - in STYLE!"

I like my PO-leese to show some bling.

Thought we all wanted Baltimore cops to be more "retiring". Rim shot

If a city cop has a DeVille, I'd think that there should've been an investigation long ago ... merely ... skeptical ... (as to ethics/bribes/cops-on-the-take type of scenrio actually bein' the case ...)

Note that they don't mention anything about him losing his job. Is this par for the course there?

I am becoming more and more convinced that Baltimore is not on the list of top ten tourist spots in the nation.

Schadeboy - In the nation? heck I dont think it ranks in the top ten in the state!

In re the second story, I just don't know where to begin, but let's start with, "How the heck can you tell if ducks are loitering -- as opposed to engaging in productive duck(not duct)work??"

Wowza. Badgers are in the news today. Certainly not visiting Idaho anytime soon. Finland either for that matter.

CR, if you'd like to trade your police force for one that merely gets mixed up on addresses and shoots the drug dealer's neighbor instead, consider yourself invited to Denver.

For the record, Rexburg, Idaho is about a three hour drive from Preston, Idaho (home of Napoleon Dynamite). See how accurate the movie is?

For weekly police entertainment, I read the police report from Chadron, Nebraska.

Those kinds of calls come in daily to the police, including one where Lewis ended up using a lasso to capture a hissing badger running loose in an apartment.

"What a mistake," he said. "It about drug me off."

Key points:

A badger weighs about 25 pounds. Unless it was on PCP or Captain Lewis is an extremely small and weak person, this makes little sense.

Captain Lewis gets the Mr. Language Person Meritorious Service Award of the week.

And of course...The Hissing Badgers WBAGNFARB

Jeff- I'm mostly impressed that he lassoed it in the first place! Idaho police must moonlight as cowboys. Or maybe cowboys moonlihgt as police.

The people in Chadron, NE, (xmnr's link) have new and interesting uses of the word "advise".

He should have put the rims on the _police car_ instead...in the spirit of "Community Policing", you know, establishing a rapport with civilians, etc, etc.

My uncle is moving to Rexburg, from Boston. If he didn't have an excellent reason (which he does) I would think he was crazy. Rexburg is an, um, interesting place.

Could get up to 15 years for popping some tires and hubcaps off a car???!?!?!?


Listen, as a gesture of community spirit, I'm willing to handle the "Skimpy Bikini" calls for the Rexburg police. I live in Florida, so it may take me some time to get there, but I'd be willing to make the sacrifice.

FCDA - looks like it is not just popping some hubcaps... isnt the entire vehicle evidence in their "other" investigation?

SNORK! @ BS' "rimshot".

(Way to go, CoastRaven, which anagrams to
Cravat Nose)

Perty much guessin' here, but I'm thinkin' those wheels and tires prolly price out at a couple of grand ... if so, that's definitely felony theft level, to my way of thinkin' ...

"The Loitering Ducks" WBAGNFARB!

My daughter goes to SCHOOL in Rexburg, ID... Golly gosh gee, maybe I should be advising her not to return there.....

Not to mention she's been in Las Vegas for quite awhile.. trying to convert Sin City!


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