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May 22, 2006


Now they're using potatoes.

(Thanks to RussellMc)


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spud scuds?

"Occasionally during the use of imported potatoes from Belgium and northern France, ordnance debris from the First and Second World War is found,"


"Would you like exploding fries of flaming death with that hamburger?"

There is a administrator at Chandlar Bashar HS who may have some ketchup to go with those exploding fries.


Why does it have to be potatoes?


Cause hand grenades won't fit into carrots.

Now onions woulda been considered WMDs.

Tubors. I believe DaVinci was working on just such a weapon when he (was put away) died.

Man, I am at a total loss for comment on this one, so I'd like to just tell you all that I picked up a worm off of my garage floor today and it was really stickey, then my fingers stung for about an hour after that.

"The army took the device away and blew it up in a controlled explosion in a field nearby,"

"Controlled explosion?"... kind of an oxymoron, wouldn't you think?

MoFaux, so you're not a comment-tater?

Annie, That's my own personal business!We don't talk about that here!

Just wait 'til they put these things in potato guns.

World War I? The Kaiser strikes from beyond the grave!! AAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!! Does Stephen King know about this?

potatoes au grenaden

Are you going in Scarborough plant?
shell tips, spuds, and hand grenades.
Something, something....

Humbug. My muse apparently skipped out for a drink right in the middle of that verse....

Vegetable du jour: potatoes au grenaden with a light mustard gas sauce.

(With thanks to columbo)

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