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May 18, 2006


And yet men continue to cheat and then fall asleep near their wives. What's the learning curve here?

P.S. Men, this is another one of those "do not click the link" items.

(Thanks to Ray)


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Nicetown rings false here, for some reason.

She cut them completely off while he was sleeping? Man, that guy is one sound sleeper.

Yeah, he ALWAYS screams in his sleep.

The best (?) part is that she did it with her FINGERNAILS - they headline on the Philly Daily News was "THAT'S NUTS!"

(The Daily News is the Inquirer's slightly sluttly little sister)

And I must express my disappointment at not having a perky news team to report this.

Can I just ask one question? Ladies, if you're gonna go through the trouble of choppin them off, why not at least get rid of the evidence (garbage disposal, bbq, whatever...) so that the man doesn't stand a chance in getting it reattached? I mean really, if it was me....

Heh heh. It would never be me. Ever.

*walks out backwards*

SNORK at the video! It looks like the cops were trying to figure out where the jewels had gone after rolling down the steps.

*Wonders where they were found before being reattached*

The news team doesnt seem quite so perky as most.

Balls, said the queen, if i had em, i'd be king.
Oh, there they are......

A guy friend and I were talking about this over beer last Friday night - he swear he would never sleep through it or be drunk enough not to notice at the first chop. So, guys out there - you think you could sleep through it?

kat, no way on God's green earth or in hell!

"He was reportedly in stable condition."

Yeah, and he was also reportedly in a stable relationship. Just goes to show...

I thought this sort of thing only happened in third-world countries like Thailand, Singapore and New Jersey.

If you click on the link at the bottom you will see one MASSIVE gator - 12 foot, 700 pounds - that was pulled from a canal in (where else) Florida.

The idea of this happening is more painful than the idea of losing the dingle, if you catch my drift. I'm not sure why.

And the answer is no, I could never sleep through that. The pain...oh the pain! I don't care if the man cheated, no man deserves that.

I love the caption on the video. 'Scorned Wife Attacks'. I think I'll wait for the movie.

Kat - good question. Perhaps tonight, the bloggettes in relationships could do a um, survey. No real harm, just a test.

"This is a teste. This is only a teste."

Stay tuned for the two-part mini-series... arr arr

DDi - What are you hiding behind your back? Are those scissors?

"This is a teste. This is only a teste."

Oh Annie, I do love your puns/comments.

Pfft. Big deal. My wife keeps mine in her purse.

Mr. C - I know. She showed me. Why you're called Mr. COMPLETEly I have NO idea. I sure hope she kept the receipt.

I have a 3-month-old baby that wakes up approximately 17 times a night. At this point, you could remove AND surgically reattach my testicles and I doubt I would so much as stir (come to think of you, just remove 'em...that way there won't BE any more 3-month-old babies in my house).

...come to think of "it," not "you." (See? I told you I was tired.)

Headline from the WSJ:


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