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May 25, 2006



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Better than the Water River teeming with snakes, that's what I say.

Well, Chianca is reading my mind today. That's exactly what I would have said.


Water in a river? Who'd have thought it?

I suppose once the Star-Tribune reporters have cut their teeth on the "water in river" stories, the paper lets them do the really grown-up stories like "oxygen in air" and "rocks in mountains."

Damn ... I was hopin' for gravy this time around ....

*taking my biscuits and going home*

So this is why i majored in journalism.

Officials from the Bureau of Reclamation

They made that up! Or stole it from Monty Python.

And then there's "Baker Salsbury". That sounds like a division of Beatrice.

Gobi Desert is awash with sand - film at 11.

"All our guides are totally stoked for the season," she said.

Like, dude, I'm talkin' TOTALLY! Rock on!


A river with water - who knew?

They may have to change the name.

It's only a matter of time before they have gators, with all that water.

This is the kind of news we need. Now, if they could just tell us where to find Dirt.

In other news, the atmosphere is found to contain high concentrations of air...and this just in...farm fields nationwide are contaminated with dirt.

Baltimore full of evil cops.

Tonight's forecast: dark.

Rain is wet and hail is hard, film at 6:00

The Vatican teems with Catholics. Amen

Excuse me Mindy, but this JUST came over the wire, "The North Pole does NOT, I repeat NOT, have penguins!"

Congress will form a committee to investigate this lack of diversity.

Mikey - while they're at it, mebbe they could find out why the South Pole has no Polar bears ... merely suggestin' ...

obi wan,

continued mostly dark tonight, with widely scattered light in the morning.

(Downtown's on fire, man.)

NEWSFLASH!!!! This year will be normal. That is all.

Many men, many minds... John

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