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May 31, 2006


(Thanks to Juliet)


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I like to hold them and look at them and love them and pet them and call the George.

Ssssoundsss sssuspiciousss

Ssssoundsss sssuspiciousss

Is this another Brokeback joke?

Does this have something to do with cornholing?

Hank has a hankerin' for snake handlin'.

Anybody asked the snakes how THEY feel about it?

Snake: "Ssssssssucksssssssssss"

And from the Dept. of Redundancy Dept. - One snake feelin' up another?

Oooh, a double post! Someone stole the "M" from my FIRST post, then the robot RSS Aggrevator security thingy made me verify my post and then

oops, 5:00, time to go

As head of Treasury, he will also be the head of the SSSecret SSService. BTW, I believe Paulson also heads up the Nature Conservancy; he certainly was integral to the greening of Goldmann-Sachs. What an interesting nomination from the right-wing extremist!

yes, it's interesting a conservationist is in charge of the Treasury Dept. The next appointment is Scrooge McDuck for Secretary of the Interior...

"Nevertheless, it’s a long way from Wall Street to Washington."

Shouldn't that be "a long way from Wal-Mart to Washington"? What with snakes and all...

I would like to hand my first Official Snork to Insomniac for "Scrooge McDuck for Secretary of the Interior..."

and that makes him a herpetologist?? who knew?

huh? wazzat? who's got herpes?

But what ever will he do on a plane?

Yes, but does he like to hold them on planes?

(Go, Sammy, go! You DA MAN!)

Damn, Addicted! That's just too freaky! Neener!

all things "snakes on a plane"!

Great minds think alike 8^)

spent his career climbing the corporate ladder at the International Paper Company and later jumped to serve as chairman and C.E.O. of Alcoa, an aluminum conglomerate.

He climbs! He jumps! He crawls on his belly like a snake!

Snakes? Why did it have to be snakes?

*looks around for Ivory Bill Woodpecker*

>He likes to hold snakes.

Does he mean one-eyed trouser snakes by any chance?

I hold mine all day and never made the paper for it.

He'll fit right in with the politicians

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