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May 31, 2006


Kiefer meets a real CIA agent.

(Thanks to RSierra)


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Good lord. People. I knew one had to be up early to be FIRST, but this is ridiculous. It'll never happen again, I assure you!

And then I realized it's only because Dave is over in London at midday...and the pubs are already open.

Keep up the 24/Kiefer commentary Dave. I need it to make it through the summer, fall and half of winter. *SIGH* Why isn't it January yet?

Damn - I'm always up at this hour, but I have nothing to say. Dave's "shot him in the thigh and threw him off the ski lift" is probably the best possible take on that story. Could try to make something suggestive out of "gets things done in a hurry" but why bother. In fact, there is a whole lot of tedium, along with vast quantities of improbable action and even more improbable delay-free travel, packed into that "24 hours".

My dad was in the CIA - he made gadgets (e.g. bugs). He said if had "Barney" from Mission Impossible (the TV show) working for him with all his magical technical skills, they'd be speaking English in Vladivostock.

I sat next to Keifer on a ski-list once. He pushed me off.

The CIA guy got lucky.


Anyone else slightly concerned that someone in the CIA is irked that expectations have been set too high by a TV show?

Hehe...maybe Kiefer and co. should take that as a hint to work a little more on that "real time" concept next season...

"JACK BAUER, unwittingly placed higher expectations on real-life agents"

I guess now they have to actually aim for the thigh, instead of the left pinkie finger, which hasn't been as successful as they'd hoped.

Maybe he should shoot his mother in the thigh to show her how much like Jack Bauer he is.

KOW: exactly how i feel when the world series is over.

Snork @ CIA guy's comment to Kiefer ('My mom said I should get things done fast like Jack Bauyer!')

But you've got to feel sorry for the CIA equipment guy. All of the agents now are asking for The Hoodie.

'Mom' needs to get a grip on reality and hang on for dear life, cuz it's gonna be a shocker.

I have a friend whose daughter majored in theatre and was offered a job doing costume design for the CIA. Really.
Let's see: we need three Victorian parlormaids, one Richard III, and oh yeah...an aide to a radical Muslim cleric.

Right, a CIA agent. If you were sitting on ski lift next to Jack Bauer, would you tell him you were an insurance salesman?

If abandoning a crisis situation to go make out with your girlfriend is setting a high bar for the real CIA, I'm moving to New Zealand.

Mike Antonucci | 10:18 AM,

No, but I'd find some ladylike way to tell him I'm AVAILABLE!

And in other news, Denis Leary met a real firefighter, and the firefighter chastised him because his wife thinks he's a drunk and getting tail from every girl in the 18-50 demographic that he rescues in a given week.

Sondra, if you want Kiefer's attention, decorate yourself with Christmas ornaments. This is what he'll do.

snork at EVERYONE!, especially Punkin Poo, slyeyes and Hmmm

NO, I don't think Kiefer Sutherland is conceited. Pshaw!

What would ever give anyone that idea?

*eye roll*

*snork* Betsy! That explains a LOT!

So ... Keifer BELIEVED this total stranger, who claimed to be a CIA agent/person ... um ...

Keifer, I've got this great parcel of oceanfront property for sale ... as a bonus, it's only fifty miles from the geographical center of the North American continent ... I'll make you a good deal on this one!

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