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May 25, 2006


Now the bastards are using deer, according to this baseball-team-sized mass o' perkitude.

(Thanks to slyeyes)


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it's just not safe to go out anymore

Deer gone wild!

And then we have deer trying to take out a legislator's planes on a runway.

I feel SO validated! I sent this one in, too, but this article is WAY better written AND has a perky baseball team.

(Note to self: Dave likes stories of vicious attacks by unlikely animals.)
(P.S. to self: well, duh.)

...if a wild-eyed deer starts bounding their way, run."

Oh yeah, that'll work. ROFL

"We're going to try this education approach first and see what happens."

I suspect they have already seen what happens with that approach. Gashed foreheads, for instance. IMO the best solution is to rebalance nature and bring back their natural predators. Cars.

As an SIU alum, let me say this: Don't "F" with a Saluki, even our cutesy woodland creatures can kick your *ss.

*calls in Nola "Group Bear" McFalls

And "squeezed habitat" WBAGNFARB

Oh deer! That's bucking spooky!!

Go Salukis! Random, my parents and sister went there. I still have a lot of family out there... and the solution is obvious to them. And it involves BBQ sauce...

Yesterday at work, we had a contamination scare. Not funny of course, but the police weren't talking at first so I had to get what news I could from a news website. My first thought upon logging in was, "Oh, look how perky OUR news team is!"

Maybe I spend too much time here.

"...relocating the deer, tranquilizing them, thinning them out (through controlled hunts) -- all come with a downside," Sigler said.

*wonders what the "downside" is as he looks up from his venison stew*


...thickly forested campus woods and paved trails where deer confronted many last June.

There's your problem, they've gone to the paved trails. Next they'll be using Segways!

I also like the headline "Area Police To Release Plan For High Speed Chases Thursday".... hum.

"It makes sense that these poor deer are trying to protect their newborns, but we've got to figure out something other then just avoiding the deer," she said.

Why? Why not just avoid the deer? Won't the problem end after the fawns grow up and leave home?

(I'm hoping this is true with human children also -- when they leave all my problems will end!)

The Perky News Team WBAGNFA Opening Act for the RBRs

The picture looks EXACTLY like the deer that was walking down the middle of my street last week - good thing I didn't go out to pick up the newspaper.

Moral of the story: Read the DB blog and learn something new every day. :)

Deer Attack!

Bounding Wild-Eyed Deer: WBAGNFARB

Introducing gators to the environment would solve the deer attacks problem ....


Reported Deer Attacks down by 90%! 20 Students Missing in one Week.

... whimps.

*snork* at kibby!

}---snork free zone---{

*SNORK* @ Dr. Dougie, snorksnorksnorksnorksnork

"...other then..."

Other then???

Paging Mr. Language Person. Loudly and urgently.

We need to bring this story to the attention of
A. Stephen King and/or
B. Gary Larson

As Homer would say, "Doe!"

Thank You WriterDude. I was going to point out the misuse of Then when it should have been Than. My boss keeps doing this and sometimes I can't save the language before she mass emails it out.

THAN - is a comparison term. I am taller THAN she is.
THEN -- is used with time. I dozed THEN took out the trash.
(As IF I ever take out the trash!!!! Thank goodness for Hubby!)

Thank you all for your indulgence.

Of all the captive animals in the US (deer, cows, lions, bears, apes, etc), deer are considered the MOST DEADLY.
It's because of their heightened fight/flight response. They react to every movement as agression. They'll slash with their horns or hooves and if that doesn't work they'll charge you.
They aren't like in the movies...
Deer will KILL you!

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