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May 23, 2006


"Fire Crotch"


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"Lindsay Lohan and her Incredible Man Eating Fire Crotch!"

By comparison, Paris' crotch must spew lava.

Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton. There ain't enough Viagra...or Penicillin.

but it would make great billing at a circus side show!

I can't believe no one's said this yet!


Ya know, the name Lindsay "Fire Crotch" Lohan has a certain cache. But the name Lindsay "It Burns When I Tinckle" Lohan is more appropos.

why "fire crotch"? is it because she's hot... or did she give someone herpes/scabies/fleas?

He says this while standing next to Paris Hilton? Oh the irony.

"More likely, was sorry he was caught..."

The only time people dislike gossip is when you gossip about them.

Live in such a way that you would not be ashamed to sell your parrot to the town gossip. ~ Will Rogers

Today's gossip is tomorrow's headline. ~ Walter Winchell

*snork* my coffee @ random!

"Fire in the hole!"

*snork* at Jeff!

Gross, but still a *snork*. :)

I think Mr. Language Person should have a little talk with Tish Singh.

I think it simply means she has red hair in the, ahem, private regions. And yes, "Firecrotch" would be a MAGNIFICENT name for a rock band, particularly of the heavy metal variety.

"tinckle"? Is that supposed to be "tinkle" or "tickle"? Does this means she tinkles if tickled? Did I really HAVE to go there?

Yes puppytoes and Kid, "Firecrotch" is a "term of endearment" for redheads. It was my most favorite sexual harrassment-type nickname in high school. Good times.

And Jeff, thanks for bringing back traumatic memories of between-class hallway walks. Big of you.

Soooo. We have Paris and Lindsay, two rapidly aging adults (sic) operating at a high school maturity level...

Hey, "Firecrotch" is still a lot better than what Dave Attell calls it--"Clown Pu**y."

Yeah, that's if the drapes match the carpet, so to speak...

I had a friend in college who along with her two room mates averaged a 36 D. We called their place Breast Central. A good friend of mine dated said lovely who was also a red head. And drunkedly, when we are some times the most endearing, we used to call her Fire Crotch. That was a third friend of ours, who made that habbit. I always felt he just wanted to get slapped by her. We always thought he was into that kind of stuff. He was the quiet one.

Yes please, yanya8, give them more ideas, even cruder ones. That's helpful.

I hate clowns. But I love my pretty red kitty.

So there.

I heard an expression the other day that cracked me up..."No, don't invite him, he's such a pu**y repellant..."

Oooookay, so THAT'S what Fire Crotch means. When I wuz in college we referred to it as "The Red Snapper". To this day I *snork* at lawn mower ads advising me to "get a Snapper rider".

I had no clue.

That's why I love this blog. You can always learn something new. :)

I always thought it was referring to a need for penicillin.

I thought it meant she had an STD!!!! So, does he know this from experience a la Lohan? And really, who deosn't?

Can we just make these women the poster children for birth control and be done with it?

I swear, if I hear this again I'm going to smack someone. Or not. I see this fat turd-clown first on BWE then on CEC right after it!

Plus his 'she's only worth $7 million, that's like poor.' was just about as wonderful.

So it was Lindsey Lohan, not Sherriff Bart, who rode the Blazing Saddle...

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