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May 22, 2006


(Via Gizmodo)


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first! (I hope)

It took the human race too long to get around to inventing this! What wheel they think of next!

I can't recall how many times I thought "That car would be so bitchin' if only the tailpipe had some kind of embellishment!"

Can I get one of these for my pants ?

Hmmmmm.....I'm a girl, *looks under skirt*, yes, I am, and even I want one of these!

The Newest BLING For Your Ride!
Yeah, right. Like that would so improve the image of my minivan.

Step on the gas and the spring loaded spinner
aggressively "POPS OUT"...

OK..."aggressively pops out" I'm familiar with as a guy-type phenomenon. But "spring-loaded spinning" sounds, uh, unusual, amusing, and quite possibly dangerous for all concerned...

Betsy, don't we have enough aggression on the roads without our tail pipes getting in the act...

"In some instances the speed of the vehicle will be sufficient to create a negative presence at the outlet of the exhaust tailpipe to assist in the evacuation of the exhaust gases."

This reminds me of my mother-in-law. Just replace "speed of the vehicle" with "holiday event". Actually, in this case the "exhaust gases" assist in evacuating the "negative presence" IFKWIM.

clark...I see a LOT of aggressive 'tail pipes' drivin' around my area

Why does Technology always lunge? Every so often, I bet it likes to amble, saunter, or even mosey.

I'd get one of these for my Prius but I'm afraid it would just sit there without spinning most of the time.

Until they make one that spits out flames, I don't see the point.

It does widen the range of possibilties for Highway Hypnosis, though..."But officer, the little spinning thingy in the tailpipe of the car in front of me TOLD me to go faster!"

Ah yes, just what we need - another useless item we can possess, all in the name of getting the public's money away from the public. Gee whiz, I can't WAIT to get me one of those puppies!

I can see a whole range of law suit opportunities waiting to happen with this one....people putting their noses up to it to see if the emissions are really being evenly dispersed through the atmosphere, it pops out of the car ahead of you then gets caught in your grill, spinning your car like a torpedo (could actually help cut down the horrible tailgating problem we have here in Florida! Why anyone would drive to drive up another person's ass is beyond me, but then again, I don't subscribe to those types of adult reading material), I agree with "marfie" who suggests the "highway hypnosis" defense, how about this thing "aggressively popping out" into someone's leg as they walk by, ...

Actually this thing sounds like a fairly decent item now that I think of all the "herd thinning" possibilities....

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