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May 22, 2006


Just in time for Father's Day: The 2006 calendar! Fortunately, they are also still selling this hot item.

(Thanks to Eliezer Kanal)


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First! Nice try, Dave, but you didn't catch me!

Dagnabbit - I fell for it BOTH TIMES!!!!!

Dave, seek help.

oh what a difference a year makes.

Why is 2006 $5 more expensive than 2005? Or is that a stupid question? They're both pretty much out of date calendars.

Order now and we'll throw in this special gift for only $5.99!

HAHAHA!! I didn't fall for any of the links (including Chianca's) YAY! for me!!

Dave, we understand the pain you have suffered while enduring the vision impairment inflicted by your ophthamologist. But what good does it do to blind your own fans?

Please, Dave, stop lashing out this way. Let Judi handle the blogging for awhile. You go have a nice earlybird dinner at Dennny's and prepare for tonight.

Chianca AL - I too avoided the first two links, but Sarah's is kinda worth a look.

OOOPS! That's backwards - Sarah, you might wanna check Chianca's.

*goes back to cursing Monday*

dave, dave, you must get help!!! why do i have this vision of you wearing a cape, and little devil horns on your head, laughing out loud.. wait, that was on a second city skit....veddddy scarrrrey... bwaaa.

anyway dave, i learned a new acronym this weekend:

[for your car]: FISHDO
[F***it,S***happens, Drive On]
for non-car, just talking or writing... FISHMO
same thing, only Move on, instead of Drive on.

dave - FISHMO on this one already.

Dave (Mr. Smarty Pants),

For your information, I own BOTH of these calendars, and they are FABULOUS. Barry is a musical genius. Accept it and move on!



Thank you for having the courage to say "I'm Elizabeth, and I'm a Barry fan!".

I grew up listening to, and enjoying, Manilow music also. Not that I'd admit to it here. So just keep it a secret between us, OK?


So, uh...Happy New Year's, you two!

Guess what Dave is getting for Christmas/Hanukkah/ Quanzah? BWHAHAHAHA!

*note to self: STOOPID, STOOPID, STOOPID. In my defense, this is only my second week in the blog, but still...

Ha ha, didn't get me!

Oh come on guys, it's like picking a scab - you know you shouldn't but you do it anyway and then it's kind of yechy when you're done. There's a certain horrid fascination with it.

oh, and the letters in Barry Manilow spell: My Own Liar Bar.

Bra, damnit, not Bar, although it does spell that too...

Barry Manilow Calendar anagrams to Dilly Worm Banana Racer.

Good to know.

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