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May 23, 2006


We're for it.¹

(Sincere thanks to Layla Bohm)

¹Men, including The Blog: Note the warning.


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Judi, you should have included a warning! *snicker*

oh. my.

I know what it's like to run without a bra - are these men prepared for that kind of pain?

I only have one word: chafing.

btw - this is an anal, er annual, event.

AWBH - you got a pop *snork* from me

Sometimes I am very glad I live in the midwest.

Uh no. Not going to take place in ANY event that has the word 'Breakers' in the title with my b@lls swinging loose!

Breakers of what? Wind??

*snork* @ Annie and Judi

Hot buns for lunch. Yummm

I heard the winner won by a length....

i've always wanted to run in that race. now i'm not so sure.

choking *shnarkgl* @ Annie!

("by a length"....tee hee)

Well, ya know Annie, size DOES matter...in races, any way. ;-)

Did you see in one of the pictures, they were dressed as Darth Vader storm troopers. I'd hate to have to run in that costume.

daisymae, if you're surfing the other pix, beware - there's a nude shot of a fat guy wearing a bunch of beige fanny packs....at least I THINK they're fanny packs. Oh, yeah, and in the front - a change purse. ;)

To the guy with the camera; "Is that your zoom lense, or are you just happy to be running behind all those bare buns."

Runner's checklist:


Okay, lets go men. *I feel like we're forgetting something*

Gotta love livin' in the Bay Area...

This thread would surface just when it has been announced that the most populated place on the planet is the Mens Room in a leather bar in San Francisco.

aha, the fabled tushie-cam. hope the running wasnt too hard on the weiners, er winners....

Ah, reminiscent of the Ann Arbor Naked Mile run.

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