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May 31, 2006


Here's how they do it in Taiwan.

(Thanks to Peter Metrinko)


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Homer voice: aaaaaaa.....legislation....

I bet that's the FIRST time they saw that!


Wang Shui-hui: "It's not my fault. They told us there was catering. I thought it was an egg roll."

Odd that she would be eating while she was in the Diet.

Did the bill pass?


A little spittle on a bill never hurt it. Been a long time since I saw Congress break into a fistfight. Maybe we could have both sides just square off on a round of WWF. Heck, I'd agree with whatever passed just to get a chance to see one round with Kennedy and McCain in the ring.

snorkfive @ meanie

*snorks Meanie

Wang Shu-hui anagrams to "unwish a hug," BUT, even better yet, "anus wig, huh?"

Dang, I knew I should have backed that up on a disc!

Perhaps she needed more fiber in her diet?

Pulp fiction?


Wang later spat out the document and tore it up after opposition lawmakers failed to get her to cough it up by pulling her hair.

What We Learned From This Post:

Pulling someone's hair does NOT make them cough. *sigh* When I think of the time I've wasted.......

It was pork legislation and YUMMY.

She spat it back out? Wishy washy politician! No stick-to-itiveness at all! Hang on to your principles!

Aw, shucks....

Long crazy workday, then a AWBH *snork.* That works pretty well. It's like the Australian Crawl: stroke, stroke, stroke, Breath of Fresh Air....


I ate it up and spit it out
and did it Myyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy Way!

Melee in Taipei!!

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