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May 02, 2006


Apparently they're cool with older women hooking up with younger men.

(Thanks to many alert men. Really.)


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And he gave her an ipod for her first gift! How nice!

Ummmm... maybe it's just a quirk of mine, but I try to stay away from prospective mates who have been married 20 times before me. I mean, has there been an inquiry into the fates of the prior 20?

they say women who marry younger men live longer. apparently, they're right.

My first thought was with 20 other husbands, I wonder if she can remember their names?

She probably married her 10th husband before her current husband's dad was born...

P'haps she hasn't yet figgered out whut it takes to keep a husband ...

Is she holding up her birth control pills?

"Do you, Muhammad Noor Che Musa, take this woman, *deep breath* Wook Kundor Sachim Harian Chipati Popadom Masala Vindaloo Singh Johnson Tequila Rodriguez Bennett Smith *turning purple* Jones Sanchez Olchenski Watson Miller Brown Gustaffson *huge inhale* to be your lawfully wedded wife?"

"I do."

"Do you *huge inhale* WookKundor....


Ok... Alright... YIKES!That's my first reaction.My second thought on this is, don't most people just give up on marriage after like 15 times? Couldn't Wook just live with him? And you KNOW we all wonder, does she ever actually give him some "wookie" ?

Best quote:
"I am not after her money, as she is poor,"

Well, glad that's out of the way....

Anna Nicole Smith in reverse, except without the money!!

Why bother with a ceremony? It'll be legal in 7 years anyway.

I hope she had enough energy to blow out the candles (as it were).

Hey, she's closing in on Erica Kane.

And LOL to Higgy for the name.

Q: What does a 104 year old woman's wagina taste like?

A: Depends.

Depends! Genius! Snork and booger!

Depends! Genius! Snork and booger!


"The report did not say if any of Wook's previous 20 husbands are still alive." I'm thinkin' probably nooooo...

Although giving it a little more thought (but not much because it's 12:35am here) he said, "Before meeting Wook, I never stayed in one place for long." His mom is probably real glad that he finally found a nice gal and is settling down.

'i want a girl just like the girl that married dear great-great-granddad...'

Well, guess he'll have no problems chasing her around the house!

And he should be worried during the bodage part of her falling asleep/dieing. He might be there for some time ....


Kind of reminds me off that song, "I Am My Own Grandpa".

They're making a movie of this entitled "Muhammad Noor Che Musa & Maude".

Anyone who gets this, hop on the Geezer Bus for a midnight show double bill of "Where's Poppa" and "Reefer Madness"

Hey, Lairbo, there is such a thing as TCM and AMC for us young whippersnappers, ya know. :-)

It should be easy to annul the marriage, since I doubt it will ever be consummated.

20 husbands?
Our first thought here was slut!
I mean, that head scarf barely covers her face... .

Is there such a thing as an "old" whippersnapper?

21 husbands and i can't find a saturday night date. either i'm too picky or she needs to write an advice column.

No kidding! She's obviously the Liz Taylor of Malaysia! Hey! That kinda rhymes!

- "Is she holding up her birth control pills?" BWAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

- Also, a disgusted *snork* to Columbo ;)

"He felt sorry for her because she was childless". Hmm... Will they attempt to remedy the solution?

If this wheelchair's rockin', don't bother knockin'.


I remember the Ruttles!

...hold the geezer bus door for me!

I've been told toothless women have some advantages in the bedroom. Maybe that's her allure.

I've heard that too Hanna!

So, let's say her first marriage was at 17...maybe sooner, maybe later, but anyway...That's one marriage every 4.143 years! (Rounding up.) If, by some chance, she managed to start at birth, it still never tops one marriage every 5 years.

Yes, I know I'm a geek.

"Malaysian women don't practice polygamy,"? No way -- so all the tails of heard about the lesbian multiple-marriages out there are false? (Polygamy = many women. Polyandry = many men. Polyanatary = many ducks).

Tales (duh).

I wonder if she wore white.

As I know, marriage is not only because of the sexual need. There are lots of other needs / responsibility for marriage. Let say, if your spouce suddenly having sexual problem but you still love him/her because of thousand resons. Does it make sense?

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