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May 24, 2006


The fools.
(Thanks to Doug Boeringer)


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Sorry Mr. Dave, I dont watch the show... but I like Explosions~

Well. I guess that was one of the containers that didn't get inspected.

For a minute there, I thought the Chinese Takeout [borrowed from Sly] team had acquiesed to the 'just kill me.'

Oh my lord.

Clay Aiken now looks like Dave Barry.

No I don't know why I posted that here.

But seriously.

It's the hair.

I hope someone gets screenclips. It's uncanny.

Not that I watch American Idol.

I agree. What the hell happened to Clay Aiken? He used to be so cute! And now he looks like Dave? (I'm not watching it either...)

I disagree. I clearly saw Jay Leno with a chin job.

Dear lord, please let someone have gotten screencaps.

I dont think I am capable of clear headed thinking when so much PABLUM< American Idol> Is streaming through the atmosphere~I'll try to ficus: uhh.. Focus:omigod, it's the artist who was formerly known as the artist who was ... oh well.crap.

Angie, Clay is trying to do an imitation of the signature Dave Barry hairstyle. True, Clay no longer looks like Clay but I don't know if I'd go so far as to say he looks like our Dave. ;-)

I don't usually watch the show, but since tonight's the last episode I decided to watch. (Is that cheating?)

Burt Bacharach montage -- loved it!

PS-I hope that didn't come out "snarky" cos I didn't mean it that way.


is that Dick Cheney's profile in the rising smoke?

or do I have to lay off the sour cream & onion chips?

Did anyone else see the rerun of the Mark Twain Award for Steve Martin tonight?

Brillant as usual Mr. Barry, I especially like the part about the Flatulant Dog.

LBFF- well, at first glance, DEFINITELY snarky... upon further review, seeing your point and that of the league, we are reversing the call on the field (givin' deference to the fact that you actually WATCH this show!)... The judges defer, and choose to let you die on your own sword!

Testing...my posts have disappeared.

If Anyone Has Seen My Missing Posts Please Turn Them In At The Lost and Found Desk!

(also, if anything funny is posted, then those are the ones I was missing, and regardless of the name I take full credit)

obi-In that case, I humbly apologize. I don't have a sword, will a fountain pen do?

Testing...my posts have disappeared.

If Anyone Has Seen My Missing Posts Please Turn Them In At The Lost and Found Desk!

(also, if anything funny is posted, then those are the ones I was missing, and regardless of the name I take full credit)

group vote


I know this is off the thread, but I found this elsewhere. A couple about made me pee, all by themselves. If they start bad, they are. Curious to know your votes.

Re A.I. ...I was very pleased to see a gray-haired dude with a bit of a paunch and no 'tude make it through. He just looks like he's havin' FUN, no matter what...I was 'his' the moment he came into that early audition bopping and bouncing with his harmonica.

(Not that I watch it, either. I have my People give me a briefing book every morning.)

girls girls girls: clay ache-in (to come out of the closet) most assuredly does not look like dave. he looks like a girl trying to look like dave. a very pretty girl. with auburn hair. and false eyelashes. (not that i watch the show, either. not that i know who won. not that i care.)

Only this blog could careen widely from a smoking freighter to American Idol. Attention span of hummingbirds, that's what this blog has...

Fotunately some of us are focused on the task at...ohhh, something pretty!

and it's shiny too!

I'm confused. Was Clay Aiken kidnapped by the Chinese, too?

snork @ slyeyes

No sly, but it could be arranged...

Marfie and Slyeyes -- Here’s the official report:

BERMUDA TRIANGLE--A slow boat to China was captured on film by the US Coast Guard. The tanker had apparently been the target of a Douchebag Water Balloon Launcher™ filled with killer canisters of doom.

USCG officials report that upon boarding the boat they discovered 24 mega star Keifer Sutherland dazed, confused and sitting at a bar with his pants around his ankles.

Authorities are pursuing a man they believe to be American Idol almost-winner, Clay Aiken, disguised as Humor Columnist Dave Barry. Aiken, who was spotted in the area by an alert bloglit, known only as “Angie.” is still on the loose and believed to be hiding under Ruben Studdard.

In a related story, 24 writers, under threat of death, have promised 24 watchers that quote: “We swear, that was the absolute last canister!”

*see, it’s all related*

Why thank you, Lisa - suddenly it's all so clear!

So let me get this straight: CTU for one reason or another undermines Jack's attempts to give a recording to the authorities. That's no problem; Jack just sends in the First Lady to get a recorded confession. Mike Novik is trying to unseat the president.

This time, though, Jack got the recording from a White House insider and not from inside a soldier; the tape is destroyed by a lone metrosexual and not by a band of rednecks; the confesesion takes place in a hangar and not in the L.A. Coliseum, and Mike stuffs a Secret Service agent in a trunk rather than shutting Lynne Kresge in a closet. And this time it's called season five and not season two.

That said, Jack Bauer was in it, so it was still the best hour of my week.

They really need to stop skimping on special effects. If you look closely, you can see that the name of the ship is "HMS Mattel."

The first of its kind in Dhaka--a realllllllly nice place to eat plus the net..so now i can be random and eat at the same time...

Bangi...good eating 'n' random blogging in Dhaka! Cool! Bon appetite!


*not really sure that's Bangi....too many vowels*


Lisa, LOL

For all the inherent trashiness of Amerfican Idol, Wednesday night's show was amazing – there has't been anything like it on TV since Ed Sullivan died. I don't know if that's a good thing or a bad thing, but it's true.

But did we really need to see David Hasselhoff cry?

They actually have "24" podcasts! I just found this:


In the finale's podcast, they say that Jack won't be Kung-Fu fighting in China next season, and that MANILOW ALMOST GOT AWAY....at least in one of the scripts.

Good thing they grounded that last episode in reality. Phew!

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