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May 26, 2006



(Via Gizmodo)


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First to cringe.

One day, Androids *will* dream of electric sheep!

because god knows we need something to influence the "collective behavior" of cockroaches.

"'This work has useful applications for influencing animals,' says Eduardo Izquierdo-Torres, who researches evolutionary artificial intelligence at Sussex University in the UK."

I think the only "artificial intelligence" lies with researchers at Sussex University. Hmmm, maybe it was a robo-chicken that made the Romanian geezer cut off his pecker (article posted a couple of days ago)? Launched by Mrs. Romanian geezer 'cause she was tired of the Viagra?

Nice to see science doing something other than LUNGING forward. Although I'm not sure that SCUTTLING is any better. Kinda gives me the willies.

"If you don't put the pheromone molecules on them, the cockroaches get scared because they are afraid it is a predator..."

Wait - isn't this what rapists do in order to get close to vulnerable groups of cockroaches?

Another fine example of scientists with too much time on their hands and too much grant money - sheesh!

I can't wait to see roaches performing in some half-time show.

I hope the robo-roaches don't get wind of the invisibility cloak... we won't know where to stomp..

so farewell to roach motels. this is much more sophisticated.........

so how do you teach a cockroach to drive this thing?

"here come the roaches led by their robotic Pied Piper!"

*squish* *squish* *squish* *crunch*

"oh %^*(! there goes another prototype!"

*SNORK*!! See, I KNEW the robots were coming ... and their bringing their vermin with them.

OH NO!! "They're" not their.

*scuttling away like a robot bug ...*

Okay, okay I get it...it's a comment on society. We all huddle together in virtual darkness, and follow one another to every fad or fashion. Sheparded by icons and gliteratti whom we believe to have all the right answers.....


(snork @ cheryl the AR)

*scuttles under the fridge*

"go to the light..go to the light!"

Well, if robo-roach could persuade these here mega-monsters we have in Florida to go elsewhere, I'm all for it!

This is sort of the insect equivalent of those sci-fi stories where aliens use robots to replace world leaders. Or IS it science fiction?

What the story does not mention is that this same strategy is already being used in politics. We have noted for some time Al Gore's robot-like behavior. He is really an android and is being used by Karl Rove to influence the collective behavior of Democrats.

What I want to know is, whose job is it to create cockroach pheromones? And better yet, is it a job they chose, or what the company grunts were assigned to?

Lab...thanks for the Larry Niven ref. I haven't thought about him or his books for a loooong time.

"The researchers behind the robot believe it could be used to catch cockroaches and that bots designed to mimic other animals could one day work on farms controlling flocks of sheep and chickens by similar means. Cockroaches and other insects such as ants display "collective intelligence". "

OK, I just finished "Cell", by Stephen King, today. I don't think I'll sleep much tonight. In the mood for a flock-burning, anyone?

Hi. I'm new here. Hope I did this right.

Welcome Wessonality! You did that great.

Yeah, there was this robo-kid in my grade school who you wanted to be just like--but it wasnt easy gettin past those nasty pheromones.

Thanks, LBFF ~

Getting seriously freaked out here, though. I'm reading the posts in order, and after this one, the Bob Dylan one above just about did me in.

* looks suspiciously at my new cell phone with that free demo of Bejeweled in it *

...now it all makes sense....DAMN you, Motorola...

... um ... daisymae ... Niven may have explored the territory, but this is where the concept originated ... merely sayin' ...

influence their collective behavior? How about Roboroach spears its buddies with little forklift arms and hauls them to the handy roach dispoal unit?
THAT would be applied science

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