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May 25, 2006


A shocking discovery by the scientists at Small Ruminant Research.

(Thanks to B-Con)


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Talk about suprising, i would like to see the data

Unfortunately, after testing was completed, both goats and sheep had to return to eating just regular old garbage.

"Gordon and his colleagues recruited 10 male Scottish blackface sheep (Ovis aries) and 10 male feral hybrid goats (Capra hircus) as taste testers."

Male ruminant with a good appetite??? Like to make extra $$$ & help science? Famed research facility seeking study participants. Call and see if you meet our criteria!!! Must be of age and in good health. Equal opportunity sheep/goats.

P.S. I don't even want to know about "feral hybrid goats", but I suggest that Homeland Security stay alert.

And the goats are catholic? Feral hybrid goats sounds like their lifestyles conflict with their religious beliefs.

Further research revealed that Austrailians in the Outback prefer sheep to goats. No butts about it!

"Now that these preferences are known, Gordon and Duncan suggest, the flavours might be added to feed to encourage livestock to eat"

Hmmm, none of my grandfather's sheep ever needed encouragement to eat...

And "discriminating sheep palate" WBAGNFARB.

*wonders how to get grant money for a study like this*

I think "ovis aries" WBAGNFARB

Anyone read the two other stories at the bottom of the page? The "yuck factor" and the burping sheep?

And how about that ear wiggling factor?


Did the critters get a bonus for signing up?

Veterans benefits?

Fully vested 401K?

Life insurance? (HAR!)

"Feral Hybrid" also WBAGNFARB.

...Goats have a more catholic diet...
He was a scrawny kid
..but come time for a feast
....it's fried nuns for breakfast
......then dinners stewed priest
appoligies to "Cows with guns"

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