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May 22, 2006


Cows for votes.

(Thanks to Claire Martin)


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That's cruel - removing the heads of cows.

I recall that our country's FIRST election had problems with sheep being used to buy votes...

Something about the wool being pulled over our eyes back then...

Damn you, Poo!


That is one guilty-looking dude in the picture.

While living in Idaho, my friends and I would joke that Cows where spying for the Communists. Now I know what other countries have been using them.

Let it be said that the Cows saw nothing. And if they did, they became ground beef.

As if there wasn't enough scandal left over from that whole invasion thing, here comes cows for votes! Although I must admit I would throw my vote for a real live cow because here in Texas we think they are very cute before we kill them. I wouldn't do it for a sheep because I have my principles, but a cow, yes.

Tropichunt -


i like the side banner ad for "Nutmed -Miracle Spray"

i think i will pick up some today
(i don't know what it does but i like the name)

"The animals were reportedly purchased by government from the Kent Estate in Carriacou and brought to the Mainland..." So, Grenada is the Mainland?

Also, "high bred goat importation scheme" WBAGNFARB.

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