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May 31, 2006


This headline is misleading. Apparently rugby players aren't so tough...

(Thanks to xmnr)


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Doesn't he know that when a handbag attacks you're supposed to fight back? If you don't you're just a big girl's blouse

Thanks for the gratuitous Chloe scene - it gave me the 24 fix I was needing

Damn, I have come to appreciate Chloe!!

It wasn't the phone breaking over his head so much, it was the emotional pain of losing to Wellington...

What? Someone hit someone with the President? Did Chloe taser him?

*I'm so confused*

Punkin - apparently someone used the president as a blunt object, Chloe intervened and which was shocking and Kiwi ruggers are pansies.

But it was a Prada handbag, and it ripped a little. I'd cry too.

Kat - the entire script of '24' has been using the president as a 'blunt object.' Yet again, art imitates life.

In further developments, Chris Masoe has announced he is switching sports from rugby to cornholing. News at 11.

Even further developments - a 41-year-old man from Kuala Lumpur will be replacing Masoe on the team. He will apparently not be needing a cup.

"All Black cries after handbag attack"

When did Audrey start playing for a Kiwi rugby squad?

Hey, you missed the best part - a WOMAN bouncer threw them both out. That means, a woman is stronger than TWO kiwi ruggers. I'm so proud of my s*x.

Chloe immortalized on YouTube! I LOVE IT! And way to go for the Rugby players. Now handbags are another things that the TSA will confiscate before allowing people onto planes.

Speaking of inappropriate objects on airlines I have got to ask - on passing through the LA airport the other day, I saw a sign listing the types of firearms you are NOT ALLOWED to have in your carry on. Does this mean there are permitted firearms in the carry ons of some passengers and if so, why the h*ll are they so worried about my tweezers?


SN, it's simple. Tweezers are weapons of miniscule destruction. Mrs. Blurk tried to "tweeze" my eyebrows once. Once.
I'd rather be hit with a flying president.

This actually happened. A DEA agent went through security here at the Atlanta airport. He showed his badge and was allowed to pass through with his gun. But they confiscated his toe nail clippers.

a Christchurch bar??

Thats where dad took us on Sundays when mom said it was time for services.

Obi Wan - these guys play for Wellington. THEY are the ones who lost.

Unfortunately I couldn't see the game - it was played in thick fog. So if someone kicked the ball, they had to listen for the bounce because no-one could see where it landed. So after that, you go out and get drunk. Very drunk.

What Tana THOUGHT he was hitting the other guy with I don't know. We know it was a handbag. He probably thought it was a machete.

Regards, Ross from Wellington, NZ

A guy's name was Tanya? No wonder he bawled. Of course, I hear being overly emotional is a side affect of the hormones in those steroids...

Just gotta say - if you had been hit upside the head twice with my purse, (given it's weight and heft) you would be crying too! Loved the woman bouncer!

I thought it said Conan O'Brien using a taser on a drunk guy... THAT would have been funny.

I'll have two kiwi ruggers to go, please. Make one extra whipped.

I nominate Triumph for the next officious CTU chief.

Why does he just pass out unconscious when zapped with a taser? Don't most taser victims flop around like a landed fish?

Ross, my bad, read it wrong...

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