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May 31, 2006


A sport we are thinking we could wholeheartedly support. As long as The Blog is in England and all...


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WHOA-HO-HO! Must remember to take the DO Not Open At Work warnings seriously

Thank you judi, what a lovely post to come home to.

"Hardcover" edition - no kidding!
Thanks, judi!

I don't even want to touch this one. NTTAWWT

Oh my! Thanks judi!

Ooo, thanks judi! Eye candy on the Blog!

uuummm, shoot...I forgot what I was going to say...

Annie - I think it was something like:


*wipes chin*

Punkin - Yes, yes, oh, oh, my yes! That's what I was going to say.

Gives new meaning to 'headshots.'

Hey, where did all the guy bloggers go? To get their handbags repaired?


Just to keep the guys out of trouble while the ladies spasm, here's the Texas Tech ladies rugby
team. Scrum on, Wayne!

Sorry BS, that's a football, not a rugby ball. But nevertheless, thanks!!

Um, unlike the previous post, here are a few ACTUAL women's rugby teams removing their uniforms for photos (no naughty bits showing). Apparently, rugby is a sport that induces nudity.

Oberlin College (story)

Oberlin College (photos)

Ohio State University (story)

Ohio State University (photo)

Glenfield Senior Women's Rugby Club (calendar)

Women's Rugby - Austria (calendar)


It's really a rugby ball. Remember, it's cold water.

Judi, Judi, Judi,

Even if I weren't recently separated, I would still have appreciated these links just as much! Wow!! Thanks!!!

And they have Spotted Dick as well!

*snorks BS... yeah, forgot that part...

Mikey - I have spotted him, too!!!!

Well, I read hardcover as 'hardcore' and dieux de sarde as 'deux de sade'.

(whatever was I thinking?)

daisymae - sometimes the pen is mightier than the scrum.

mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, rugby!

Thanks, Judi, for linking to my picture. j/k, obviously.

I'll serve as our resident expert, as my ex-gf was a female rugby player. And years ago, my lesbian roommates were female rugby players.

Just to confirm, rugby revolves around nudity and drinking. I believe this holds true for men's and women's rugby. The major difference is, men's rugby has fewer lesbians.

pen is...*snorks* again Annie

Nate...are you saying that at the center of the scrum is a .....naked guy with a keg?!

*wipes steam off monitor screen*

But wait a minute - those weren't profiles at all!

No, at the center of the scrum the "ot" is missing...

When I start to miss Dave a little, judi is right there with some incredibly distracting entertainment. Thanks again, judi.

AWBH- actually, the guy (girl for the girls' teams) in the middle of the scrum is actually called a "hooker." (IANMTU- TM, Dave Barry) When the scrum-half throws the ball into that wonderful mass of humanity known as a scrum, the hooker tries to hook the ball with his foot and drag it backwards to his/her teammates. I know, 'cause I was a hooker in my rugby playing days.

Oh, BTW, yes, there usually is a keg in there, and it is not uncommon for the hooker to be stripped of his togs, have an ear bitten off, etc.

...and, no doubt, assume the flank position.

Yes, Judi! Shaaazzamm! Thanks for this newsworthy piece.

Those posts in the last pic look very sharp!

Flank position, yes (*snork), but usually it's the "meat on meat" position...


What language are we speaking here?

Jan - I agree - very nice posts!

I don't know either daisy, but you don't have to know the language to look at the pictures!

*fans self*

A friend of mine demanded that I join the BYU Rugby team. He said I was not allowed to be in BYU unless I was in the team.
Starting to wonder about him...


Certainly with regard to rugby, BYU must mean



On that last link, they're naked and sitting on pokers on a fence.

That's just odd.

Whew! Oh my, judi! Thank you VERY much!
I passed out after the second link but recovered nicely to take a second, and third look. Oh, crap! They're over THERE???

*snork* at scott:)

Oh my. I didn't know they'd use THAT picture.

After all this time, how can I not see "posted by judi" and ignore the whole thing?

Angie - Thank god you mentioned that - I was beginning to wonder about this thread - the naked butts on the pointy metal fence posts was surpremely unnerving. I had to go back and look at the first link in the series to recover.

yes, marfie, strange, but true, those butts are quite happily "posted."

What Sporting Fellows!

El said: you don't have to know the language to look at the pictures!

You definitely got that right!

Female bloglits, I assume you aren't going to buy one of the "used" books on the first one. Also, maybe if Manilow made his calendar like this he might sell them all in the same year. Just sayin'.

Layzeeboy, that is a mental image I did NOT need.

On the other hand, Naked Manilow might BAGNFARB.

I useta be on a Rugby squad in college for a little while ... wowser, that wuz so long ago I'd fergotten about it ... almost, except fer the scars and the tattoo ... um ... they drank, back then? Wowser! Who gnu?

Merci, BEAUCOUP, judi. What a way to start my day!


Now THAT is a sport I could definitely spend time watching!

you sucka balls

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