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May 22, 2006


It's a comfort to know that corporations are working hard to provide the products busy people need.

(Thanks to Mollenkamp)


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Thank Gawd! I never did have the strength to push down that little lever that makes the thingy cook my bread.

"new uses for beans"...How about just de-smellerizing the effects of the OLD uses!

Sure.....y'all leave me alone with the bean thread. *ppthfffffth*

That's what ya get.

Whew, now I won't have to worry about missing any of 24 because I'm trying to get the $%^@ beans on my *(_&@# toast!

Baked beans on toast? No wonder they think toads hitchhike down there...that diet would make me hallucinate too.

yeah. great choice for a sandwich. BLEAH! i guess for americans they would need a different type of sandwich, since baked beans would be an odd choice. how about tongue and sour cream with saurkraut, on whole wheat raisin bread. yum.

sorry if i ruined anybody's lunch out there.

And you can stink like a cheese while you enjoy your bean sandwhich.
Science is wonderful.

Ann, I fondly remember the halcyon days of Baked Beans on toast at Owens Hall -- of course, that was before the food court came in!

Now, chili on soft, buttered (untoasted) bread, that's worth eating.

jon: I, too, ate at an Owens Hall, but I had the chicken sandwich and cheese fries. Whereabouts?

Baked bean sandwiches? I'm not surprised. After all, in that part of the world they put pickled beets on hamburgers. They call it beetroot, which makes it all right. They also spread something called Vegemite on bread.

Gee, a baked bean sandwich is definitely an improvement over Heinz's attempted product launch in November 2004...

Baked beans usually come with liquid. What's that gonna do to the toast? What will the texture be when it comes out of the microwave? And how do you pick something like that up without all the beans fallin' out?

Pinto beans and cornbread, now that's good eatin'. (And it's what I'm havin' fer lunch.)

It's good! They also do spaghetti on toast for breakfast. With those tasty breakfast tomatoes alongside. Mmmmm...

Definitely a culturally acquired taste, like Marmite, bacon roast and milky tea. Maybe it will be like those frozen PB&J sandwiches for kids - Uncrustables - with the edges all sealed up. Otherwise, how would the beans stay in the sandwich when it's put in the toaster? I agree, Sondra, there must be some liquid in the beans that would tend to leak out when heated. I would hate to have to clean that toaster.

can someone tell me why i would want to put "baked beans" on anything
Especially toast?

jon, pft, i been wearin' Eau de Limberger fer years!

(seriously.. Eau de Stilton?!... Eauuuuu!!)

Down here in Margaritaville (thanks, mudstuffin!) we call bean sandwiches by another name: burritos.

Would this be a good time to mention my new recipe for a baked bean birthday cake that blows our its own candles?

Make that "out." My "t" finger malfunctioned.

SM- Your "t" finger malfunctioned? I didn't know about the "t" finger- is that why my last girlfriend left me?

"new uses for beans" What are the old ways - Has Beans?

sorry, should be a hyphen in there, let's try this again:

What are the old ways: Has-Beans?

There, that's better..

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