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May 22, 2006


Two more days, sir. Are you ready?

(Thanks to Eric Ewanko)


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Air guitar contest? Where are Wayne and Garth? They'd be perfect for this.

I prefer to be master of my pan flute.

ohhohh ohh - can I play backup on the air kazoo?

Coast - Not if you put it where I THINK you're gonna put it!

Punkin - ya mean there is someplace else??

Whoa. Check out the mullet in the "Are" photo. Has Ted ever done a stand-in for the RBR?

Baked bean sandwiches. Check.
Tail pipe spinner. Check.
Raccoon charged to 11,000 volts. Check
Black TP. Check.

It's showtime!

All I saw was a navy-blue site w/ black font. (could not read the darned thing)

No wonder Utah is one of the least mentally healthy states - we are not included on the air-guitar contest circuit!

the article locked up and fubar-ed my computer. but i could at least see the title. cool. great pics of dave and everybody with REAL guitars.

I play a mean air guitar.

*wide-eyed look*

Well, I do.

Hey Dave, want to play a duet with me??

So who's actually going? I refuse to go solo! We need a Dave Barry Blog-mob or something.

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