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May 31, 2006


Have you noticed anything strange about the water over there?

(Thanks to xmnr)


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Hate to tell her but she's probably no virgin Mary either.

on this side of the pond, isn't induced labor a fairly typical request?

Isn't that 6/6/06 anyway? It's all good. Unless the baby is born at 6:06am. Then its the antichrist

"We must let nature take its course. The devil-child... er, baby, yeah, that's right... will be born when ready, no matter what apocalyp... er, day it is."

You beat me to the punch, Somewhere North.
That's another odd saying, unless we're both trying to beat up the same guy, I suppose

"Even worse my beautiful baby could be the devil himself"

Aren't they all?

Pretty sure if her baby is the anti-Christ, it doesn't really matter when he/she is born.

On the other hand, I'd hold the kid in until 6/07 just to be sure...

*rolls eyes*

Why am I always the last to know?

Careful Dave, you're drinking that water right now. Oh, never mind, you're drinking the beer. You're probably fine then.

And anyway, how does she know its a beautiful baby? Could be a real dog depending on the parents and how closely related they were. Of course, if it is born a literal dog, again a sign of the antichrist.

when is britney due again?

*Scene: Operating Rm #6 at "Delivery Me From Evil" Birthing Hospital~

Dr: "Push, push! Good...I can see the horns...ah...I mean...head, yeah, head. Nurse, increase the anesthesia."

Melissa Parker, 30, said as a fan of "The Omen,"

Well, that says it all for me.

The Sun reported Tuesday.

Now we're believing The Sun? What next, ananova?

"I'm terrified the birth will go wrong or the child will have evil in him or her," Parker said. "Even worse my beautiful baby could be the devil himself -- the anti-Christ."

So let me sum up: June 5, beautiful baby, everything OK. June 6, the anti-christ?

Can I get some of whatever she's taking?

Wouldn't the actual date of 6/6/2006 kinda mess up that whole numerology thing? Why would you be allowed to take the century off? If so, couldn't you take a decade off and have another 6/6/6 on 6/6/2016?

Hey! Hey, down here. Yes it's me, the baby. The hell with induced labour (since we are in England). If she is my mother organise (since we are in England) an abortion, quickly!

I'm pretty sure that being raised by a mother who's constantly watching you for signs of demonic possession isn't likely to enhance the baby's emotional stability.

"doesn't hold water" in a story about childbirth.

*struggling to make up a water-breaking comment*

"I'm terrified the birth will go wrong or the child will have evil in him or her," Parker said. "Even worse my beautiful baby could be the devil himself -- the anti-Christ."

This statement if far scarier than anything that baby will turn out to be.

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