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May 22, 2006


...got any ketchup?"

(Thanks to DavCat14)


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"No, but there's a tomato in my pants that you're welcome to squeeze"

Bringing your own bottle of ketchup is a health code violation?

In my day, we didn't have ketchup for our hamburgers. We used red magic marker and we LIKED it!

Ronald Reagan must be rolling over in his grave.

When ketchup is outlawed, only outlaws will have ketchup.

My condiments to Principal Marchiando for sticking up for her custodial staff.

You can have my Grey Poupon when you pry it from my cold, dead fingers!

Why don't they do like most school cafeterias do and have the giant ketchup pump bottle at the end of the line with the napkins, mustard and ammo?

All they have to do is list the numerous vitamins and general goodliness of the ketchup (catsup?) and the students will treat it like nuclear (not nook-yuler) waste.

Rundogrun: You had Magic Markers? You were lucky. We had to use crayons. And we were grateful.

It was a moot point because we could never chew our school hamburgers anyway. Leather.

snork at you all. a moment of silence for ronald raygun, and vegetables, and ketchup. sniffle.

Bringing your own bottle of ketchup is a health code violation?

Yes. Food in eating establishments must be in their original unopened containers from the establishment itself, preserving package itegrity, preventing contamination.

“Just be happy you get three. That should be enough,” adding that junior high students get only one ketchup packet.

Whaaaaat? The "appropriate" amount of ketchup varies by age of the consumer? What about freshmen? I suppose they get a cherry tomato and a sugar packet and have to make their own.

Kontraband Ketchup wbagnfarb ("Give it up for your main squeeze!")

Bizarre way of disciplining kids for stomping on ketchup packets. But actually, I'll grant that three packets does sound like enough for most people. I don't think I ever use more than that many packets on a hamburger.

*groan* This whole topic has me seeing red!:)

The Food Police - may I bring my own ice? (I'm referring to a previous thread commenting on the atrocious level of germs in restaurant ice.)

Got a late start today - guess I have to ketchup.

Annie - As a former Houston-area resident, all I can think of is Marvin Zindler, Eyewitness News, screaming, "Sliiiiime in the Ice Machine!"

I just Relish all the snappy dialogue in this blog. Well-Done everyone! It's Rare to meet so many witty people in one Medium....

I'm just loving all these threads today.

A ketchup smuggler - *snork*

Condiments on the Lam: Film at Eleven

"But my sex ed teacher said we should ALWAYS use condiments..."

PS, Marfie, "Condiments on the Lam" WBAGNFARB (either that, or a Doors tune)

Hmmm. If the kids are stomping on the packets and squirting ketchup all over the floors, walls, and furniture, perhaps the (well-paid) grown-ups could... oh, I don't know... supervise them?

Nah, that might actually address the problem, and we can't have that.

And you know, dealing in needlessly banned substances is actually how organized crime got big in this country. I can see it now: a whole new wave of gangs will rise, starting out with ketchup. Blackmarket ketchup is clearly just a gateway crime.

"In high school, kids are going to be high school kids," she said.

Wow--ya think? What an astute and absolutely brilliant observation.

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