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May 24, 2006


(Thanks to Eleanor S.)


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Can you be first when it's YOU????? :)

Now I wish I had ever watched the show, so I could say something witty.

But ... wasn't Jack dead BEFORE? (like a couple of seasons ago)

Goo goo ga joob.

Eagle-eye Elllllllllll

But does it say when Marwan is coming back?

I got to do it earlier El - it's only fair you do it too

yay Eleanor!

Mr. Barry, you have got a Spanish reader! You are the national hero that the U.S. needs!
Señor Barry, ha conseguido un lector en español! Usted es el héroe nacional que U.S.A. necesita!

hmmm - it is legal to call someone a US National hero in spanish?
Just ponderin

Not in Miami.

WTG, El! VF!
Hey, let's post hidden clues and misleading info in the blog....hmmm, looks like we already do that. Kidding!

*krons* at Juggler

I saw that Coast, but I started at the top!

Congrats to you too!

Here's a picture of the photo Chloe was given. It says "daed si kcaj" (Jack Is Dead) and the phone number.

Personally, I don't think Jack would feel threatened by a piece of paper.

I think a piece of paper may be the perfect weapon against Jack. After all....a piece of paper has no thighs.

YAY Eleanor!


Maybe "Jack" is code named for Edgar and by "dead" they mean "will return promptly immediately after the funeral" and maybe the si stood for Morris who will help Jack out by outfitting the Chinese terrorists in pairs of tight fitting mules which cause them to trip and accidentally drop the key....

You know, my plot line is almost as believable as theirs.

Pssst, another secret: Eleanor S. anagrams to Real Ones.

I am not new , but I have never seen a *krons* is this a bad thing? If it is I will retract my previous bad joke.

No te preocupes, Juggler.

*krons*=*snork* backwards

Thankew, Sara J!

Hi, my name is Candy, and...I have never in my life watched '24.'
Are there any more out there like me??

I was like you just 24 hours/weeks ago, Candy.

Then I got dragged into it by the Blog, and now I'm
powerless to break free. I'd tell you to run before it's too late, but I've lost all human compassion, and live only to guzzle Tecate and holler at Jack to shoot folks in the thigh.

Candy: True confession: I have never watched "24" either. It saddened me when the blog started devoting so much space to this subject. I really enjoy being a part of what goes on around here and I felt a little left out during the frequent "24" binges. But then I realized that many folks may not be comfortable comenting on severed penises, which is one of the four "S'es" of the blog. You know, snakes, squirrels, squids and severed penises. I have no problem with severed penises, so it kind of evens out.

Candy, you're not alone! I've never watched, but still have a pretty good idea of the show by reading the blog. I suspect that the geniuses here could give the writers of 24 a run for their money!

I thought it said "Paul is dead."

cool. I thought I trod on a toe

JACK BAUER ZIPS OUT anagrams to BACKUP JURIES AT OZ, which is a piece of information that may come in handy if one is ever in a courtroom situation and the need arises.

What? It's late in the day and I'm a little busy.

*enthusiastically hugs Eleanor, assuming she'll zip back in at some point*

And *SNORK* at mudstuffin, which brings the "S" count to five.

I don't watch "Lost," but I assume its writers/producers might actually succeed in misleading viewers with their "clues." Kinda hard to buy "Jack is dead" when he's signed on for three more seasons. What, is he gonna have Jennifer Love Hewitt shoot people in the thigh for him?

Ann - I blog a lot about LOST (much much more than "24", even from what I write in the summaries) and I would say that none of the clues in there are misleading, per se.... They do thrown in some things (like the logo on the shark fin) that they admit they don't have a particular story line for, but those are mostly easter-eggs for fans to find. That shark thing was found by doing a "frame by frame" view of a shark swimming. So far, all the other clues on the show have panned out from what I can tell.

Completely agree about the "Jack" thing though. Knowing that Jack Bauer is back for three more seasons is a give-away. And personally, I give Jack about twenty minutes to get some rest before he shoots everyone's thighs on that boat, and turns the whole thing back around to America.

Audrey's going to an ABC show, so unless that tanks, she probably won't be back on "24".

Excellent work El

Way to go, El!

For what it's worth, I don't watch 24 either. Haven't seen a minute of it. However, I do like to joke about Jack shooting people in the thighs....

Steve - excellent info, but regarding Audrey. Don't you think they have enough whining, bleeding, gaunt, pitiful footage of her from the past seasong to just cut it into anything new? It's not like 24 would take up a huge part of her filming time anyway. Plus, as you mention, it's on ABC, so she'll be back soon anyway.

I would luv to see her gone, but she's so irritating, and writers like that friction in the storyline.

"seasong" -sheesh! This is what happens when I actually try to do work and blog at the same time. I should know better.

*zips in*

*does a curtsy because she doesn't know how to pluralize curtsy*

Thanks everyone, very exciting to get posted - yay me.

And to whomever it was way^up^there who anagramed my name,
Yes. They are real. :)


I actually like a number of shows on ABC, so they might have a chance, as long as they don't show her 1) Whining, 2) Crying, 3) on a show called "Dancing With Whining and Crying People".

My personal guess is that if her ABC gig does get cancelled, she might show up late in the "24" season, or perhaps in the season after that. "24" seems to be really good about bringing back old characters. They don't seem to hang around long, (well, except for "Walt"...eech...sorry) so there's still hope that everyone's wish to come true. :-)

Steve - in my case at least, liking a show has nothing to do with it being picked up. But I hope she has many shows that run a loong time...in Lithuania.

Annie - LOL!

so what happens if you play the show backwards?

MARFIE!!!! You finally made it! I've been looking for you all day, because there are puns out there (note: "puns out there" would be in italics, but incapable on this WAAAAYYYY outdated computer)... but I thrive on interaction, and need your input.

OK, (playing show backwards):

Jack dies

Jack gets shot in thigh

Jack tries to set up perimeter based on Chloe's vectors

Jack downloads Cloe's vectors

Gator crosses road

Boo Boo dies

Romanian man knows that with Nola's penis-shaped matrix, can re-grow penis

Emotional support dog eats man's penis

Romanian man cuts off own penis mistaking it for chicken

Jack shoots self in thigh just for the hell of it

Chloe downloads wrong vectors (again, just for the hell of it)

Where do I go from here? (Annie flicked a booger at me for loitering....) Yer a girl, can you talk to her?


El got posted - and by Dave too

*decides not to pick on El for at least a coupla hours, or until she picks on me, whichever comes first*

of course, i know that the southern california green eyed goddess can't resist pickin'on me, so this shouldn't take long

name change post

nuthin to see here

move along people, move along

Excuse me, Tiny, but are you insinuating that being posted by Dave is somehow better than being posted by judi?

see, insinuating is one of them chick words that gets a guy in trouble not matter how you answer

that being the case, i am not gonna answer that question

instead, i will just say:

judi rocks

Good save, Toto! :)

I did have a snarky (but cute) remark to direct at you, but anyone who stands up for judi is OK with me - psssst, even if you did need a little push from Annie


Obi, Obi, Obi...just because Annie and I are both Women (and both from the Bay Area, I think) means nothing in figuring us out. Lindsey Lohan is a GIRL, although I think my 7-year-old is more mature than she is, even when she is having a tantrum over not getting to read an extra chapter of Harry Potter. But enough of that, or TC is going to come after me for *insinuating* something - and by the way, how DO you do italics in the blog? - anyway - and I think I got off track, which just goes to illustrate my point about us all having the attention spans of hummingbirds in this blog that I made up in the burning freighter thread and...I'm sorry WHAT was the question again?


BTW, I think Judi deserves a raise and a title change. Instead of "Dave's Research Department", I think her new title should either be;

Goddess of the Blog, or
Mistress of the Domain,

in each case with the corresponding outfit to match - gauzy toga or black leather. I put it to the blogits: What say you?

Way to go, El. Eagle eye and all!

(Now I'm confused between this thread and the sinking freighter.)

Anyway, it's all good.

I watch 24, even the two hour reruns of Season Three on Sunday. Don't watch Lost. I watched it once and couldn't figure out what was going on. I also watch (not that anyone asked) Grey's Amatomy and Boston Public.


(Replaces 'm' in Amatomy with an 'n'.)

That looks better.

You're A-OK in my book too, daisy! :)

Goodness, I really got chatty up there, didn't I? Hmmm...must have something to do with the red wine and dark chocolate that I just had. Anyhoo...there are some days when I can't get to the blog until evening when only the night owls and the West Coasters are up and about (and Judi, of course) so I'm not always able to get in on the snappy banter and rapid puns that are ricocheting around the blog (DUUUCK!) which seriously bums me out.

So anyway, Obi...in terms of where to go from here, just remember: wherever you go, there you are. :-)

So El, do you think that the codes that the blog robot randomly forces on us could be messages too? Is Dave trying to tell us something?

Oh, and yes...I meant the Golden Bears way back when...

Thanks Steve, for the post about LOST. I watched it for 2 hours and couldn't figure out what was going on, again. I'm sure you have the answers.

(Oh, yes, I love 24 also) Never watched it, but love the blogs entertaining comments and reviews.

Go, fellow West Coasters.

*wonders why Annie has it in for Lithuania*

"wherever you go, there you are."

*drawing out words, veeerrrryyyy slowly, "nnoott nneecceessaarriillyy, marfie! Sometimes I've gone somewhere and was "kinda" there, but really, I was somewhere completely differently... (maybe it was the mojitos?)

marfie - thanks for answering re Golden Bears. *grins*

I always say, better LTTG than never!

obi, there's a book with that title, and I find it an inspirational life message as well...:)

Here are some other things that daed si kcaj spells:


We should just write lots of stuff about 24 plots so the writers can have ideas for next season.

Will Chloe rescue Jack?

TIDBIT! -- "24" (2001) creator Joel Surnow thought that "The DaVinci Code" would provide a great storyline for the show's third season. Surnow asked his boss, producer Brian Grazer about acquiring the film rights to the book. Author Dan Brown had no intention of his book being adapted for a TV show, and rejected their bid. Months later, Sony Pictures paid $6 million for the book and hired Grazer as producer.

Hmmmm....what say you?

The Edgar is Paul.

I may have missed it in the comments but that is Jack's cell phone number. I just happened to be watching season 4 on DVD before I read this and recognized the number he gave to the moronic camping couple.

that phone number was in season 4, it appeared on Jack's beeper. the voice mail box is ALWAYS full :(

I must be one of at least 24 people that haven't ever seen this show. Hmm, what am I missing, oh yes and hour of my life. :)

No, no, no, Carla, you've missed out on FIVE days of your life! Tsk.

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