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May 31, 2006


Everyone here is very thoughtful.


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ooh, once again first on the Dave photo.



Hmmm. There's got to be a witty comment about Dave's bust around here somewhere....

So, is Dave now a member of the Royal Family? What other accomplishments can His Highness add to his resume????

Dave's havin' fun gettin' stoned with his buddies. Let's hope he doesn't get busted. (And howd you lose your arms, Dave?)

Dave ~ Did you offer to give them a hand? Did they charge you an arm and a leg to get in there?

Sir George looks a bit like a Beeblebrox... he's got an extra head growing out of his shoulder.

Those are the ghosts of our founding fathers, having rolled over and right out of their graves after hearing about Lady Liberty in a thong.

Watch out, Dave ~ It's a vision so hideous as to make YOUR arms fall off!

Finalists in the worst hair contest.

You know, I can't think of a good way to make a political expression out of these guys.... Although someone needs to get them out in the sun pronto! They are looking pale.

I hope you enjoyed the Victoria and Albert Museum - it's one of my favourites. Did you see Tipu Sahib's tiger? The 18th century animatronic wooden tiger that growls and mauls an Englishman?

Dave looks stoned!

So what's the temperature there, Dave? I'll be over there in about 6 weeks.

I need to know what to pack.

Dave, the guy on your left (my front) has a teeny dude on his shoulder...is that 'Chip?'

Annie ~ There's a little guy on your front????

*can't decide if I love Annie or should be afraid of her*

Did Mrs. Blog really know what she was getting into?

"To love, honor, cherish, and snap unlimited silly photos in foreign lands?"

Captions -

Thinker on left: How can we ensure The European Union will operate in Britannia's best interests?

Thinker on right: Can the monarchy survive in the age of terrorism?

Thinker in center: Do not call it lager. Do not call it lager. Do not.....

Annie - that would be "Mini-Me".

Annie...I'm thinkin maybe the little dude is kinda like a Jiminy Cricket for classical statesmen: "Art thou sure thou wishest to abandon thine empire for a piece of classical fluff? Yes? Oh well, then..."

*SNORK* at Meanie the blue

Punkin - both feelings are acceptable.


snork at meanie :)

It looks like they're all watching tv.

Dave looks so...noble? No, that's not it. Hmmm...kingly? No, not it, either. Hmmm...royal? No no no. Okay, I'm sure I'll come up with it...


no, not it either...

I can't help but wonder how many other people before Dave did this exact same thing for their personal photos while touring the big E? The interesting thing is, Dave makes it funny. Everyone else was just being unoriginal.

I'm sure it certainly means a lot that a guy named "Huey" tells you this, but it's the truth and I think somebody has to say it. You look do look very dapper and handsome in this photo!

Dave, you're a bust!

pasty white boys, all of you.

It's the black shirt. Much better than blue. I was going to say something earlier, but I figured I had already exceeded my limit on butt-kissing.

Then again, hanging out with Britons would make anyone better-looking by contrast. Yes, I'm Irish - McBooger to ya!

When I enlarged the photo, the plaque explained this photo was from a line-up to identify the perpetrator that disrupted the Palace Guard ceremony with projectile v0mit.

Meanie. :D

I'm enjoying the hairstyle of the statue on the right.

Angie - I believe that's Sir George Savile Combover.

Dave, What happened to the crapcam? This pic's so clear and crisp? I'm... all confused......

i say Dave is trying to look "thoughtful" himself.

Val says he looks like he needs a glass of prune juice.


I'm thinking....Manny, Moe, and Jack

No, The Three Stooges: Curly, Moe, and, ???

London Headline: Dave Busted


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