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May 30, 2006


A lot of famous celebrities live here, including Poseidon, who is taller than I expected, but a good listener.


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nice!!! and first!

He wants to shake your hand!

uh-oh...that rental car snake is a wily one. he seems to have followed you Dave.

It goes without saying, (so why am I saying it then?) but Dave: HAR!

This also goes without saying but, Nice blue shirt, Dave.

He looks kinda grumpy - must have heard that his movie er, sank. Either that or he has Pulitzer envy.

Caption Contest:
Dave: My, Mr. Poseidon, sir, that's a lovely triton oosik you've got there. Any chance you could ease up on the hurricanes a teensy bit this year?

Dave - Is that a serpent on Poseidon's trident or is
he just happy to see you?

*I got nuthin'*

Nice lower abs, though.

Poseidon's aren't bad either.

*pats self on back for masterful butt-kissing*

Caption contest:

"So, IS it rude to ask for lager??"

Caption contest:
"This time, could you seat us further away from that Neptune guy? He smells like dead fish."

Caption contest:
"Sorry, Posie, Miami is going all the way this year. After all, we've got WADE. Har!....you got a little thing hangin' from your nose, there, Posie."

Dave, are you sure you're in London? That looks more like the Forum Shops at Caesars in Vegas, you sly fox you.

"Think you could get me SpongeBob's autograph? It's for Sophie, of course."

Caption contest:

"Ahh, so that's how to roast a snake on the campfire!"

Caption contest:
"So ... have you seen that movie about the boat that turns upside down? Wicked special effects, eh?"

Jeff -- Actually, that's backstage at Mary Poppins.

"...and then I said, 'Speaking of Segways,' and nobody laughed! Non-aquatics, go figure! So...what's it like to snork underwater?"

Poseidon is now working as a theatre grip?

*Nice to meet you, Lord Poseidon. Who's your friend? Oh! Lady Viagra; nice to meet you too.*

On a somewhat related note for the love of god do not see the movie bearing his name!!!!!!!!!!

There's a movie out named "Dave"?

Yeah there is, Annie ... it's really good! (I think "Dave" was better than "Poseidon" ...)

(not kissing up)


don't see it, it's a waste of time

I wish annie but guess what movie just moved to the top of my netflix quee

Addicted ... HOW, oh how, did this cinematic wonder fly under my radar screen? :-) Thanks for the heads up!!

I do hope they burnt enough copies for all of us on the blog.

*just kidding*

Caption Contest:

"Gimme 5 down lo - TOO SLOW!"

Dave, did you catch him coming out of the sauna or something? I mean it's just a guy rule that you don't make conversation with another guy who is only clad in a towel wrapped around his waist. Just sayin'.

Caption contest--

"So, if you hold the trident like that, no one notices you don't have nipples?"

"You know, a little sun wouldn't kill you. Ever been to Palm Beach?"

"So, you'd recommend the marble cake?"

"...and here we have an example of the world's worst toupee."

Sondra - I can't believe you said that about Dave's hair! I'll have you know that it's real, and it's spectacular!

Annie Where-but-here: SNORK-KORK-ORK-ORK-KORK!

"So then I jab this guy Polyphemus in the eye with my hand, like this, and he's blinded, because, you know, he's only got one eye! Hey, have you heard this story already?"

"So, a narwhal walks into a bar, and the bartender says, why the long face?"

"An@l-retentive IS hyphenated, isn't it? That's what I thought, too....Hey, who does your hair? It looks great. You don't see the wet look that much anymore."

Annie, you are definitely on a roll tonight.

"I figured you for a Marlins fan, but the Yankees have a killer line-up this year. They're up 5-1 on Detroit right now! Yeah, they scare me, too. I once wrote that they're evil, but they really just frighten the crap out of me."

*So we can't order Lager and the fork goes on the left.*

I'm guessing Dave didn't write the summary on IMDB, or they would have at least spelled behavior correctly. I think this must be some mean trick the good people over at IMDB are playing on Mr. Language Person himself (those rat bastards). I think someone should lodge a complaint, or perhaps flee to their lodge in the hills.
*Not it*
D: What, are you joking?
P: Does it look like I'm joking, a@@hole?

Multiple *snork* @ Annie

"May I borrow your fork?"

Dave, it looks like youre pickin a fight with this guy!

"So, you're God of the sea, horses and earthquakes. Huh. Weird combination, don't you think? I mean, it's not even seahorses, it's just horses. And what about mules and donkeys and stuff like that? Do they have their own donkey-God or something? And on the subject of being God of earthquakes -- what the fark do you have against California, anyway? And while we're at it, what's the name of the God of hurricanes, because I have a thing or two to say to him."

Ooohh, oooh, Posiden pick up lines:

Hey Baby, did you see the size of my trident?

Things I learn from reading Dave's blog: Poseiden is the god of horses?

Really? I did not know that.

*silently wonders what Poseiden is doing backstage at Mary Poppins*

"Pretty nice abs for a guy who was eaten and then vomited up by his dad. And I thought my family was weird."

Sly: Trying to pick her up of course....

"Hey Mary, I gotta spoon full of suga' for ya"

"Hey, Mabel, get a load a the snake on that guy's pitch fork.

Not appropo:

Just watched something very funny and involving; 'Last Comic Standing.' Sure, the rest of you knew about it, but I had never heard of it. I barely watch the Jack Bauer show.

Funny and brutal.

NBC; another hour is starting.


Poseidon's towel looks like it's slippin' downward. And this is at a kids' show?

So tell me, how do you get those nice curls in your hair? Mine is straight as a stick."

"Mr Barry, we call it shrinkage.
happens to the best of us".

Adorable! :) (Dave, not 'Donnie)

So, Poseidon, how about you introduce me to your little pal Cecil ... I hope he doesn't get hurt, crawling around those sharp points on your trident ...

(How can this be a "God"? He's got a bellybutton!)

(Obscure early-TV-days reference in above post ... merely sayin' ... in case y'all missed it ...)

I take the lack of comments to mean somebody is actually watching this amazing effort by young comedians [some not so] across the country.

Is Poseidon on something? I mean, he looks kind of stoned...

Oh, and Annie? So many *snorks*, i don't even know where to start.

Caption Contest #1:
"So, Mr. Poseidon, being of the male gender...does cold water have the same effect on you as...er..oh...apprently so...um..nevermind then..."

Caption Contest #2:
Are you appearing in 24 next season? Because Jack Bauer is on a Slow Boat To China after being Shanghai'd...think you can help out?

Caption Contest #3:
Boy, you must have SERIOUS bouyancy issues...


You can't be talking about that green dinosaur we grew up with. Which one, the Sinclair gas stations or Puff the Magic Dragon? That was a long time ago.

I saw an amazing competition between struggling comedians, tonight. I have a new friend, a Lebanese comedian from New Orleans that must consider this 'Last Comic Standing' thing the Olympics. I didn't know that.

I alomost borrowed one of your 'merely sayin's, earlier today. Hope others that had never seen this watched tonight.


If you dress like poseidon over there, you don't have to pay for your soup. It's true.

Also, have you figured out where the non-famous celebrities reside (I mean besides Indiana)?

CJ - that show sounds like fun.

Why is it every statue like this I've ever seen lacks chest hair? I mean, did they wax back then? I would think some enterprising sculptor would figure out how to glue some realistic fuzz on there...maybe use some rigatoni or fusilli.

"So Poseidon, or should I call you Secretary of Defense Heller, why does your daughter cry so much?"

"No, no, Posie, it's a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down. You have the wrong utensil."

Blogging from PDA and can't see picture. Brighton and Bath are nice to visit. (just sayin')

Lisa BFF - let's just say this guy would brighten your bath.

Dave - get thee to Ireland, where you'll be truly appreciated (and you won't have to wear a jacket).

O the U: Got it! Cecil the C-loving C Serpent.

Good answers, y'all ...

I'm thinkin' of Cecil, the Sea-sick Sea Serpent ... of Beanie & Cecil ... which, BTW, was a creation of Stan Freberg, and one of the show's dedicated fans wuz none other than Albert Einstein ... ISIANMTU/SHMBSJ ...

Caption Contest: Dave: Yo Ho Po! Up from the Drink? Po: Aye Matey! Dave: Lots of brew over yonder....how's about me and ye stagger...no swagger out for a pub crawl.

Oh Gawd, even Posiden is wearing those low riding outfits! Did Brittany Spears (pun intended) get to him!

I noticed that, Mikey, but at least Poseiden doesn't have muffin top issues that so many low-riders have.

"Dave, I want you to take care of that Spongebob guy for me. This has gone a bit too far for my liking."

PDA *snork* @ Annie

Caption: "Hey, Poseidon! Sorry to hear your new movie tanked. The New York Times said it best: Loose Script Sinks Ship"

And some of you should write for Marble Comics....

Muffin Top Issues WBAGNFARB, slyeyes!

OH MY GOSH---WAAAAAAAAAYY too many cheesy captions about Poseidon. Lay off, folks! It's old! Find some new way to entertain yourselves!!

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