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May 09, 2006


It turns out that Point Magoo is actually Point Mugu. Thanks to the commenters who cleared this up, and to all the rest of you who made such a valiant effort to analyze the "plot," especially the amazing Steve. I'm thinking that even after the season ends, we could have Steve continue posting summaries on Monday nights. I'm sure they'd make just as much sense as they do now.


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Too bad, I liked Magoo better.

Maybe Steve can just make up plot lines. Although he does seem more intelligent than that.

The Amazing, Awesome STEEEEEEVE!

Chole is not uploading any data to a PDA. She is playing spider solitaire -- nothing else can explain her appearance of concentration on a computer.

We always have The 24 Movie to look forward to....

Quote: Point Mugu is part of the Naval Air Warfare Center Weapons Division (NAWCWPNS)

OMG! We're in danger of losing the acronym battle! NTTAWWT. NAWCWPNS WBAGNFARB.

Naval Air Weapons Station (NAWS)
Naval Ordnance Missile Test Station (NOMTS)
Naval Western Test Range Complex (NWTRC)
Mrs. Oswald Thwacker-Weasel (MOTW)

OMG, I'm so sorry. "mellio" isn't an acronym for anything.

(hangs head, feels inadequate somehow)

a haiku for my blogging friend

mellio hangs head
feels inadequate somehow
not an acronym

You're still poetry!

Hey, Chloe's going to be on Gimore Girls tonight! She sings! Oh, that is....well, I just have no words.

SuzyQ - Does she scowl while she sings?

Chloe's scowl is great, that's what makes her so likeable. Aside from that, what's with that nitwit woman who's now heading up CTU? No one has to even KNOW Miles to realize he's not trustworthy. Just take one look at his expression! Now that wuss of a President isn't going to blow his brains out after all, thanks to Miles aka Benedict Arnold. Bummer.

"We always have The 24 Movie to look forward to...."

Well, at least they won't need to waste money on a script...

aww, thanks!

If we could stick something really punky and crude in front of "mellio", could I at least be a WBAGNFARB?? ;)

nobody reconginized Henderson's wife? THIGH SHOT
JoBeth Williams (Carol Ann"s mom from POLTERGEIST)

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