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May 31, 2006


Also: Huh?

(Thanks to 80 billion people, none of whom, presumably, are guys.)


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Operator, I've been disconnected.....

"See! I will only love YOU!"

"Not without THAT you won't."

Guys are just weird!

I dont get it, he cut off his p&nis and they are reattaching an organ? One is a skin flute and the other is a keyboard - they arent even in the same section of the orchestra!

And all I got was a lousy ring...

"An Affair to Dismember"

Gee, I wonder if there were alcoholic drinks being consumed before the incident?

*SNORKS* to Annie

You've been on fire lately

Gues the Missus won't be getting royally screwed anytime soon

Catch the extra "s"

thanks, bs....it's the hormones.

The man was heard by his son shouting that he wanted to prove he was not having an affair, the New Straits Times reported.

The assertion was followed by loud screams and the man emerged from his room bleeding profusely,

*snork, just snork*

I heard there's an opening for a real man on a New Zealand rugby team.

Well, he'll be faithful from now on anyway.

Does that count?


"Yes mom?"

"You be sure to tell everyone that daddy did this to himself. Unless you never need to sleep again."

"Okay mom."

Man Severs Penis to Prove Faithfulness...

Sounds good to me!

You guys are such babies when it comes to a little injury.

And this proved his fathfulness how? It certainly proved he was stupid!

Methinks the gentleman doth protest TOO MUCH!

What was the guy thinking with?

And right next to this article, an ad urging us to "unleash the power of corn."

Faithful? You want faithful??? OK...HERE's Old Faithful! Now you'll ALWAYS know where it...omigod......


"...the man emerged from his room bleeding profusely, his 14-year-old son quoted as saying."

Another poor kid scared for life.

Make that scarred for life. Though scared works, too.

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