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May 27, 2006


(Thanks to Janice Gelb)


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Nothing says you love Jesus like eating his picture every day.

I'm not really picturing Christ saying "Do this in rememberance of me--and if you could grill my picture into the bread, that would probably help."

But, what do I know.

Order today and get the Faith Based Cookbook free with your order. But wait! Order in the next 10 minutes using your credit card and you'll also recieve this miraculous "Apron of Turin." Supplies are limited. Operators are standing by.

The Apron of Turin would be a nice inducement, but I ain't ordering until they throw in the Jesus' Buckets-O-Blood wine glasses.

[insert bad kitchen accident/resurrection joke here]

For your riotous entertainment events, try our Muhamed waffle iron!

[especially effective when used to grill pork chops, instead].

Especially good for Communion bread....

Worhsip at Every Meal With JesusPan

Now that's what I call tasteful!


*sneeze* @ lairbo

Feeds multitudes with a single panful!

topped with Mary Magdalen Maple Syrup!! (a/k/a Mrs. Jesusworth)


I can't believe they didn't use the word "divine" in the ad copy.

LBFF: gezundheit!

Pepe: If you see the Buddha on the bread, you must eat it.

What! No Moses egg separator or Twelve Disciples cookie cutters?

Christ Almighty...

HOLY [And, I do mean HOLY] Frying pans, Batman!

lairbo, thank you. i live to learn.

*zips in*

It's good to see everyone at the top of their game on a Saturday morning!

*applauds all posts* :)

*zips out to make Jesus French Toast*

amazing crepes
how sweet and round
they're wearing our Lord's face!
ignore the cost
their smell will astound
and their awesome taste!

Oh man... You just know that someone's gonna get hit with one of those and have to explain how they got a Jesus welt on the side of their face.

Steve: "Stovemata".


LOL .. LOL . LOL . . Thank you!

Insom is that a prayer or a song?


Each pan comes with the "How Would Jesus Drive?" Keyring!

Anyone else hear thunder?


What if I made a grilled deviled ham sandwich?

Wavey --

You should be able to smell the brimstone, at least ...

And for our Jewish friends, we now offer The Burning Bush Bagel Baker.

I've heard it works much better then the Jim Bakker.

*snork* at Amazing Crêpes

How many of those could Pat Robertson lift?

Bagels! YUM!

*snorks!* to everyone and to the image of El burning her tongue while preparing her "French" toast.
And now for a serious note: In this week's Dave column (see the left sidebar), Dave says, "I never have cared for the Yankees, and for a very sound reason: The Yankees are evil."
That is all.

The really sad part is I am expecting for something made with this to show up at my church's Sunday breakfast any day now.

Oh yeh, and snork@insom

If they don't market this thing as the perfect gift for Shrove Tuesday, they don't know what they're doing.

O, Lordy...*takes bite of freshly made bread*...SWEET JESUS!

Huge *snorks* @ y'all!

(Shoulders jiggling with mirth while wiping Jesus-imprinted matzoh brie off computer screen)

Gives a whole new meaning to shoving Jesus down your throat.

Definitely needs to be accompanied by the "What Would Jesus Cook?" book. Recipe ideas, anyone?

Bread. Fish. Serves 5,000 ...

Sure, it's made from durable steel and topped with a non-stick coating, but - is it lightning-proof??

no, no, its what would jesus drive.
a honda, of course, because all the apostles arrived in one accord.
sorry, from another jewish chick ... and insomniac, now i cant get amazing grace outta my head, so i will leave you all with this one... did you know that you can sing the words to amazing grace to the tune of gilligan's island??? oh yeah, and vice versa too.
go for it y'all.
and maybe we should let pat robertson in on this jesus bakeware deal, he could bench press that stuff....

queensbee - that was just hateful.

*exits humming the theme to Gilligan's Island and singing Amazing Grace*

"What would Jesus dough?"

Holy smoke! The bread recipe says it takes 3 days to rise.

*SNORK* at Annie and insom

You made my Saturday!

Thanks, Ann. I kneaded that.


No, I think you got it wrong...I think it goes like...um...

"What would Jesus....d'oh!"

Careful, tropichunt.com guy - I know jew-dough.

So do I, Annie. :)

*assumes the position*

*snorking like a fool now*

Could be a whole line of cookware in this - a pan for hot cross buns, for instance.

Bill - maybe for hot cross nuns.

This is the pan they use at the deli described in scripture--where Jesus put the demons in the pigs, and they ran over the cliff and drowned... deviled ham and dampened spirits...

"Dude, where are we going?
...... And why are we in this handbasket?"

That is all. Guess I'm the only one offended by this.

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