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May 22, 2006


(Thanks to DavCat)


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ooh ooh me first

“It was a lot of work, but it was one of those cases where you do it because you have to,” Jewell said.
So...what would Jewell consider something you "don't have to" do?

This is so cool. I desperately want/need a hamster room...

did a gleeful dance...when he found one room had become a life-size hamster cage

Does this seem like a reasonable reaction to anyone? I would have been highly annoyed, not giddy, if someone filled a room in my home with shredded newspaper. But it is funny that the wheel provides entertainment for his friends.

It's hell on his teeth when he chews the drywall in the corner.

Heh... good, but it was an expected prank. What's the fun in someone expecting to get pranked? The total shock it the best part. I much prefer the one I'm about to pull on a relative of mine... Mwahahahaaa

"Diane Huber covers the city of Lacey and its urban growth area"

ummm - this is urban GROWTH?

many points for creativity though!

Trerice, too, was waiting to see what his friends would come up with. He even helped them out, making sure they knew it would be a month before he could move in to his apartment on Washington Street and Fifth Avenue after graduation from dental school in Las Vegas.

Be honest, would you let this guy put his hands in your mouth?

I'm trying to talk my husband into this when we get a house of our own, but he says it's overkill. Darn level-headedness!

"For two weeks, Kirk was bombarded with media calls."

A guy was being pursued by the media for two whole weeks because his buddy aluminum-foiled his apartment? Could somebody please tell me again what the definition of "news" is?

Nurse Tammy - I hope none of your relatives read this blog!

He fell on his head on the concrete, but it doesn't seem to have affected his thinking... prolly cause there's no thinking going on to be affected

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