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May 24, 2006


Can we safely assume it's Baltimore?

(Thanks to MOTW)


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I'm looking for the silver lining.

Maybe she worked for an attorney before that.
*ducks the wrath of El*

What a cheesy way to do your job. They should call her the "Velveeta Fog."

Nivea Cloud WBAGNFARB, but a really bad name for a person

You know that scary ghost-white, goopy facial that women put on at night just to scare the daylights out of their husbands? THAT's a Nivea Cloud.

C'm on judi... this girl is an amture!! Shes just training to be up to the caliber of a bawlmer cop! She wouldnt even get out of her car! Much less make some trumped up charge that led to an actual false arrest... geez!

I think Raven's right. She's not worthy of being in the same sentance as baltimore cops.

Now if we find out that the 27 tickets add up to over $300k in fines.....

Bail oughta be in the billions. This lady has the karma of thousands of NYC parking violations officers working against her.

Is the guillotine still an option?

Not that I'm bitter.

Meanie, haven't you been parked on this thread long enough?

And someone would do this, why? Was her performance review based on number of citations issued?

LBFF - Yes. Now excuse me - I have to go generate some email.

Nobody towed me that was a problem, Annie.

Once again we have someone (apparently) being rated or judged on "performance" rather than on her actual merits as a human being ... the legal system should be totally ashamed of its ownself (again) for dragging this female-gender-type person's name and reputation through the mud, and destroying the public's perception of her integrity ... she wuz merely trineta do her job the way she had been taught to do it, and now some muckraking doo-doo-gooder has ruined her life!

Now ...

If'n y'all bought NE of that for even the merest fraction of a second, I wanna talk to you about this oceanfront real estate I've got for sale, up in Nodak ...

OK, so this bimbo meter maid (everyone altogether, "WBAGNFARB," WONDERFUL!, just like it was rehearsed) is writing phony tickets, I assume from the license plates of the cars in the parking lot she's at, she's got to also include the location of the violation on the ticket, and the car's not IN that location, so she places the... nevermind, trying to apply logic in this story is like trying to milk a bull: you won't get the milk, and if you pull that thingie hanging down, you'll be running and screaming if it doesn't kill you first!

obi wan - no loitering, please.

No Judi, this one is a proud denizen of our fair city. We saw Nivea doing the perp walk on the news. Kinda brought a tear to the eye.

Nivea Cloud WBAGNFA Toilet Paper.

And someone would do this, why? Was her performance review based on number of citations issued?

Excellent question, Lisa. The short answer is...yes indeedy. We are assured over and over that "there is no quota" for tickets, but as the end of the month draws closer, savvy New York drivers are extra careful about nitpicky little offenses, like running red lights or road rage incidents. We wait until after the first of the month.


Of course that doesn't protect you from Nivea's fantasy tickets.

*writes self ticket, pays it, flagellates self like an albino monk...

obi wan: speaking from experience, sometimes they just sit in the car and take down the plate #s of passing motorists (it happened to me) and send out the ticket. But when you're as unsubtle as Nivea, you get caught.

I don't know what happened to my fake ticket writer but I didn't have to pay it.

Jeff -

A friend of mine once got a speeding ticket, and he asked the cop why he had been stopped, when the several other cars (which he was among) traveling at the same speed, were not ...

The cop said that his license number was easiest to remember ...


New York, New York,
A wonderful town.
the Bronx is up and the Battery's down
You get a ticket when you're not even in town.

New York, New York...it's a helluva town!

parked in a handicapped spot,

That's pretty low.

yep, daisymae. Lower than the belly of a gator on the turnpike...

O: SHMBSJ = So Help Me Baby Sweet Jesus?

OK, Judi. I happen to be a resident of Charm City (old slogan: Believe!, new $50M slogan: Get in to it!). So I ask, wth?


(Glad to be of help ...)

"Nivea Cloud" WBA even better NFA New Age band, methinks.

Have any of you stopped an thought about what you were saying?????? I think that you should all ask yourselfs why in the world would someone actually sit there. If they was being accused for some like fake tickets. also from what I heard is that the new machines that they use to write tickets now are not cleaned out unless they go back to the office and they are cleaned out propertly by the officals. When they are clean the name of the person that was last using it is removed from the machines. So what I am saying is that she was set up by someone else, that did not like her and they wanted her rep ruined. I feel that she has not been treated in the right way because they did not tell the whole story and also the tape that they presented in court and on tv was NOT EVEN HER. so what do you people think of that.

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