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May 23, 2006


The real danger is in Norway.

(Thanks to DavCat14)


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Well, get him back to Madison...what's he doing in Norway anyhow?

"It so happened, however, that the badger's resistance efforts ended up getting him trapped under the overturned bed, with his rear end up and exposed."
-I hate that when that happens.

Marwan! At last we've found you!

Badger Badger Badger

And now he is over the hedge where he belongs

The badger "OVERTURNED THE BED!!!!!" How big was this badger? I mean, I know some people are cranky when you wake them up, but how cranky was this badger?

It so happened, however, that the badger's resistance efforts ended up getting him trapped under the overturned bed, with his rear end up and exposed. It proved a perfect place for a hastily called veterinarian to give the badger a sleeping shot.

Next comes the restraining order.

Ah, that brings back memories...curses, Annie-Where beat me to it. Aye, she's a quick-witted one.

hagymom4 - have you ever badgered a badger? Chuck Norris would have trouble battering a badger. Badgers are baaaaad.

everysandwich - if he used a pulley system, it never would have happened.

all so we can revist this link, as well!

Yes AWBH, but how would the badger stand up against a gang of squirrels?

KOW - now THAT would be a fight, maybe even a gangstah movie - "Ovah the Homie Hedge."

Let me see...

Is that a badger under your bed, or you just happy to see me?


Badgers? We don't need no stinking badgers!

Maybe next time....

*snork!* at DouglasG

Snarling Badgers WBAGNFARB

Did anyone see the link "More sports nudity" under the sports section? I didn't click it (at work, and a little scared)...

Ann - no biggie - just a female Norwegian golfer that posed nude.
*watches as the boy bloggers bring the site down*

That's a helluva newspaper site. Where else can you find a badger story, nudie shots, a story about a female golfer posing nude, and this headline?

"Man charged in dildo assault"

Mike - I read that one, too. He was charged with battery.

...on a dildo...electricity...get it...

puppy toes: I'm goofing off in the library and didn't bring my headphones. Does that cartoon make any sense when you can hear the sound?

"She doesn't tolerate much because of anorexia," he said.

Apparently, if you eat, getting beaten by a moron with a marital aid is easy to take.

I'm also a little confused. The woman is anorexic, but evidently owns an adult toy. She needs a crash course in Maslow's hierarchy of needs.


But he said he only hit her for '10 or 15 minutes. The other bruises were already there.'
btw - we've moved on to the dildo assault story. Which isn't that funny, imo.


No worries.....

Unless you're a marmot.

In which case, you shouldn'a been in my bathtub in the first place!

Beth: nope. the audio basically matches the video. Badgers. Badgers. Badgers. Badgers. .... mushroom mushroom! (and repeat) it's just silly. which makes it pretty great!

Gee, the way these threads have been going lately, I'm surprised the story didn't end with "... and that's when the badger bit off the officer's penis"

Beth: did i say "silly"? i meant dumb!

and, i'm sorry, but i forgot to add into the audio portion of our program "snake! i see a snake! a snake!" which, of course, makes it soooo much better. (suddenly, you're congratulating yourself for not bringing those headphones, right?)

Punkin Poo: perhaps such "talk" will inspire another splendid video game, comparable, perhaps, to this? (okay, so i used this link earlier. but no one's reading THAT post anymore, so phooey on you all... cuz it's this is just funny, not to mention, bizarre!)

since I got in late, I'm going to ignore all the other stuff and just focus on the badger - Snarling Grevling: WBARGNFARB

And yes, badgers are mean sons of a beetches, you do not want to mess with them.

*snorks Punkin

I know that's right marf- I would have left the door open and slept in the car rather than disturbing it!

hey Obi! Howya doin? I left you a Blazing Saddles reference down in the Black TP thread yesterday. :-)

*snork! Don't know how I missed that one, marf! I see we also share a love of Mel Brooks movies...

That was either a very big badger or a very small bed.

Badgers? we don't need to show you no stinkin badgers.

(not in the first 33 comments?)

sierra madre - douglasg at 5:11...but still a classic

Yankee/BedPox update - Yankees WIN.

Something weird is happening -- there's also an almighty Jesus Moose.

"Dildo Assault" WBAGNFARB!

Dildo Boy beat up his girlfriend and then demanded the cops release him? As Bugs would say, "Da noive of dis character!"

"Jesus Moose" WBAGNFA Christian RB, particularly one from Canada, eh?

There's an ad on the blog for Marwan's favorite place (rhymes with Dome Hepo). It's got an animated hurricane logo and it says, "PAY NO SALES TAX ON SELECT HURRICANE PREPARATION ITEMS." Isn't that nice?


And a little girl found tied to a tree?
Those Norwegians definitely know how to party!


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