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May 30, 2006


Perhaps this officer could benefit from the previous item.

(Thanks to Jessica R.)


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First post ever and I am first!

As I said on the previous thread - YAY, and
Let's hear it for the women!

Congrats to Jenna!

and to the officer - DUH!

How come that never happens to Chloe? Just askin'.

That gives me a great idea for a new realty show. "Celebrity Taser." You could have two celebrities face off in a ring each armed with taser and try to zap each other. Here I am thinking of Madonna vs. Lindsey Lohan, for instance, or Robin Williams vs. Dana Carvey.

Florida. Why is it always Florida?

Because because because because be-cuuuuuuuz

Anybody notice the article down below about the guy who tried to rob a store and then when he got caught said he was just kidding?

I wonder if the 'just kidding' defense will work?

IN this case maybe it shouldnt be called a Taser, mebbe it should be called a Neener.

I can already see John Walsh, from America's Most Wanted doing a piece about this one: "Stay tuned for the shocking facts about the Florida felon who was teased by a taser."

Or maybe all we need is a shock-jock.

Sheesh! I din't notice the dateline, and when it said "Orange County" I just naturally assumed it wuz in SoCal ... seemed to fit ...

HOWever, I'm a bit puzzled as to why the guy ran, if all he wuz facin' wuz a "no tag/no license" citation ...

I don't s'pose the Orange County (wherever) sheriff's office thot about checkin' the NCIC to see if he's done anything else? Merely wonderin', since the sheriff's deputies seem to be so much on top of the game already ...

Goodness, what an electrifying story, I so enjoy keeping up with current events. I'm truly stunned that this could happen in Florida, of all states. Heaven only knows what kind of debate this will spark within the blog...


Looks good to me!

The other thread had a chinese advertisment for viagra. Great stuff.

Hey Kilties, come on in. The water's fine.

And there's lots of adult beverages!

*skips out to send moving announcements*

Found ya! yay me ... *goes out to change bookmark listing*


Sarah, would you please go to the previous Kilt and give this spot your stamp of approval?
You are the leader here. :)

Thanks for the change of address card, Sarah.

Yay! for a spam-free kilt.

I needed some inspiration. So I read the paper that talked about my paper due tomorrow. It seems I can't write about modern times. Which means I have to start anew.
I will be burning the midnight oil once again tonight. And then getting up at 6:30 in the morning.

Okay, I'm here too. Thanks for the moving announcement.

*sends Blue an obligatory pervie comment*

Sorry...too tired to be creatively pervie at the moment.

But I like the time-travel conundrum thingie, Kay! My first two novels have time travel in them, so I'm sure we can figure it out.

In other news, Booger.

A friend posted this but I feel the same:

For those who have not lived here. Yakima is a hole. Not in crime but in people. Once you enter Yakima, the only way to get out is to cut all ties , burn all bridges, change your name, and then move to an even bigger hole in South America.
I say this because todays paper has announced that Taylor Stubblefield has returned. The guy that basically had an entire pep rally for his accomplishments is now a Realtor.
To give you an idea, the aforementioned pep rally was just the vice principal reading a list of his accomplishments. Perfect grades, he has made several records for all the sports he was in, there where others that I can not remember. He went to Stanford, won a trophy, tried out for the St. Louis Rams. And now sells Real Estate in Yakima county.
I guess what I am trying to say here is this, I am now on the search for the best hole in South America. I will do it, or my name isn't Alfonso De LaCruz.

Alfred again, to find out Taylor STubblefield has failed is really a shock. He seemed to be the person with the most potential.

so I get these weird headaches sometimes and right now it hurts and nothing's helping. It's been all day now and I've tried advil and tylenol and excedrin and aleve (not all at once) and ice and nothing helps it, nothing makes it better at all, nothing dulls the pain. I don't know what to do about it, laying down doesn't help, I can't sleep because it hurts. I just can't function. I don't know what to do

Kinda soon to be moving, wasn't it? I mean, it aint like we are killin' trees, but there are only so many good dates available in the archive.

/blog conservation rant

Got a wisdom tooth cut out this evening and am coming down off teh drugs - gotta gripe about something, right?

I tried to ask my roommates (and their boys, YAY for being the only single girl in the apt?), but in the middle of explaining what the headaches are like I got interrupted by one of them about some new painting hanging on the wall and they all stopped listening to me, so i left. Maybe it's easier to pretend to care when you don't actually know what's going on?

SJ - my mystery headaches all turned out to be tooth related. You can have impacted teeth and not even feel the pain in your mouth - just as headaches.

I already had all 5 wisdom teeth removed, so that can't be it

Argh, headaches are awful. I've always been amazed when I meet someone who says they never get them... I can't even imagine. I have had migraines off and on again for years, and when I have one, I can't function at all. Dark room, good drugs, game over til it's done. Hope you feel better soon, Sarah.

doesn't have to be wisdom teeth - mine weren't - had to have two teeth near the front removed. This was a while ago. Stil have all the rest of my wisdom teeth.

Just heinzing on the old thread. Kay, if you really think the east coast is too crowded, may I make a suggestion...

Going to take more drugs now.

*loves sj some codeine - I'll keep the rum for myself*

all my teeth are fine, and my retainers still fit. I get migraines, but these are newer and different. I don't know what they are. They're not sinus headaches, I've had those constantly for years now and they're just daily background pain, these new ones are worse and kind of pulse, taking my vision out for a few seconds every couple of minutes. It kind of feels like all the muscles on my head are tensing for a few seconds with pain before, during and after, with the "during" pain being different and worse than the in-between. I started getting them a couple of months ago, but today has been the worst yet.

okay, no that does not sound the same as mine

Sarah, I saw a neurologist when mine got bad and she was able to treat them according to my specific symptoms. Sounds like you may need to do that.


Mercifully I've never had a headache so severe that nothing worked on it, so I can't empathize, but I sympathize. I hope you'll find something to ease it soon, and I hope somebody klonks your insensitive room mates over the head with something heavy very soon.


I had my wisdom teeth out last fall. The blog worked as a collective to get me through it as I recall. I don't think the kilt yet existed at that point, or if it did, Blue hadn't invited me yet. ;-) Anyway, bloggits rock! And they're full of handy post-extraction advice, although the one thing I figured out from it all was that everyone had a different experience, and most of the stuff that worked for them didn't work for me or anyone else. Everyone kept telling me to eat something right away afterwards, but I had an weak stomach and couldn't keep anything down, so that didn't help. I just had to wing it. Then a week later classes started and I had to wing that, too. :-) Whatever you do, don't let your mother talk you into trying to eat ham and red-eye gravy flavored instant grits with little dehydrated bits of ham in them. They are nasty.

/end rambling reminiscences

actually, my mother would never do that, but I really like those.

Just ate soem refried beans and cheese and took some more codeine (not more more - still the first more) and chased it with soime rum. Will be sleeping really soon.

{{sarah!!}} Sorry to hear about your headaches. I'm one of those people KDF talked about...don't get them. However, I did have to go to the hospital a couple of weeks ago because of the worst headache I ever had, so I, too, can sympathize. Mine was a result of leaking spinal fluid from a puncture in my spine. There are any number of reasons for a headache, so I agree with KDF...you should talk to a doctor about your specific symptoms.

{{ASK}} Enjoy those drugs, bud! I had my wisdom teeth out three days before I took my SATS my senior year in high school. Needless to say, I ended up taking them again....

And yet, I have to teach physics tomorrow...

Still heinzing...did Blue really say he needed a lengthener? Gotta go back and see how that went over.

I had some bone/tissue grafting and a titanium post drilled into my jaw at the same time as my wisdom tooth surgery, so my experience was pretty different from most. I couldn't eat anything thicker than broth for about 4 days and couldn't eat solid food for a week. The wisdom tooth part wasn't so bad, it was the bone/tissue grafting at the front of my mouth that was painful. I was puffy and swollen for about 3 weeks and bruised for another week after that. Great pictures from my cousin's wedding 2 1/2 weeks after the surgery, especially with my brother's hockey smile on the other end of the family photos. (he ran into a parked suburban while riding his bike and broke off his four top front teeth, some worse than others, had to have tooth pieces surgically removed from his gums, root canals on three of the teeth, and caps on all four) It was an expensive year for our family's dental insurance.

okay, not well.

You should try rum and codeine - all this seems a lot funnier then. Except Sarah's headaches, of course. Life is not right when SJ is not saying YAYY.

Yayy for codeine!

ASK~ I told mom what I said about the grits and that you said you liked them. She says thanks. :-)

I was very disappointed by them. When she brought them to me, I didn't get a good look at them. I saw the little bits of pink ham and mistook them for dried fruit. I thought I was getting this. I was thoroughly disgusted when I tasted what was actually in the bowl.

Um, Sarah, ... ouch.

yes, I can see that would be disappointing.

A friend of mine once came home and discovered pudding on the counter. With this in mind he took a big spoon, and was told later that it was Gravy. He says it was the worst thing he ever tasted. Not because the gravy was bad, but that he was expecting something else. New foods sometimes have the same effect.

Sarah-If you are losing the ability to see and having headaches. It is best to see a doctor quickly. A loss of sight can just mean terrible pain, or a neurological disorder. The brain controls everything, including how much the heart should pump, and how blood cells should be working. If it begins to show problems this is a seriously bad thing. I hope this is nothing. But the best idea is to see a doctor.

ASK- When I first got braces, I was in so much pain. One of my classes served all of my favorite breakfast foods -even french toast- and I could not eat any of it.

Bumble- I think you where in the Kilt when you got your Wisdom teeth out. I think I remember giving advice.

dropping into coma now. 'night, Kilt.

Enjoy the Coma

Yes, ASK, I did say I need lengthener. For my hair, to precede El's proferred hair straightener.

Still, I said it, and I stand by it. I was leaving myself wide open for comments, and I knew it (I even directly acknowledged it for Sharon's benefit), but until you made yours just above, no one had taken advantage. Thank you for keeping the Kilt on the crooked and wide.

Bumble, please do not tell your mom of my distaste for grits, even plain. I can't even imagine those with little red bits of spam ham in them.

Sarah, please follow the good advice offered above by Alfred, KDF and others. I can only sympathize as I've never had more than a relatively mild, non-sustained headache, but that sounds truly awful and in need of serious medical attention.

OK, adult beverages aplenty. Let's hope no adults show up.

Fishing for pervie comments rarely yields results, Blue...I prefer to spring my pervieness on the unsuspecting and unprepared. Pervie-on-demand just doesn't have the same oooomph, in my opinion.

Plus I get performance anxiety when I know people are watchin'!

I only have one thing to say about grits, ham-flavored or no.....


i second sharon's ick. when ya get sand in your mouth when you're at the beach...is that pleasant? i think not.

same with grits.

I. LOVE. Grits.

Butter, salt and pepper, please.

*springs perviness*

*wonders if the butter has anything to do with it*

kay: grits, bad. pizza, good. :)

I promise I will never order grit pizza.

Plain grits with butter are fine, though not my favorite thing.

But those instant ham and red-eye ones were disgusting.


Alfred~ My pre-op wisdom teeth advice thread. August '05. It was MB. I wasn't on the kilt yet. The post op threads are MB too. I didn't get kilted till sometime this spring/summer. The original kilt is dated March 18th of this year, so I don't think it existed then.

No, I'm not looking all this up because I've got too much time on my hands; I'm procrastinating on starting my statistics homework, thankyouverymuch.

*zips in*

Sarah, a friend of mine gets what he describes as "cluster headaches" and we did some research and learned that lying down makes them worse, so I'm wondering if that could be what yours are. We have some really good prescription headache pills and he takes one (or sometimes 2) of those and then forces himself to remain upright (har!) until they're gone. If you're interested in the name of the drug, e-mail me. :)

...grit pizza.......


Strangely enough, El, spinal headaches get much, much worse when you are upright...the only way I could function at all was to lie down. I very nearly barfed and passed out in the passenger seat when my friend drove me to the hospital because the seat wouldn't recline enough.

Ahhhhh, memories.

I know that sharon. My mother had the procedure and had to stay lying down for a long time - flat.

And then many years later, a doctor wanted to do it to me and I said OK, if you put me in the hospital, because I'm not going to sit in a car to go home.

He wouldn't, so I didn't. QED.

*snork* Sorry, El...I forgot for a moment that you have had more serious spinal issues than I have!

Sarah...I've had the visual type migraines, although not often, which involved patches of visual loss, flashing visual boomerangs (RB name?), and other scary stuff. I had CT scan, MRI, neuro exam, etc. A neurologist can evaluate and often tell where/how they originate, and treat.
I highly recommend that you see a doctor, if only to rule out the more frigntening possibilities. Treatment is very individualized, and what worked for one won't for another. (Have a nephew who underwent a huge series of consults and tests, and ended up taking Anacin -- in his case the caffeine constricted swollen blood vessels, and the aspirin in it worked as an antiinflammatory.) Lots of other options...be good to yourself, and find out what works for you!
(((hugs))) and good wishes!


SO good to see you! Glad you followed the breadcrumbs.

Sharon, i.e., Kettle, I do recall at least a dozen occasions to the effect of *Waits for inevitable pervie comment from Blue*, and many other, more general openings (hee hee!) for Kilties to respond in customary fashion.

I've done the ct/mri/eeg thing for migraines with visual disturbances (especially the one that lasted three days), but this is new, and I think cluster headaches. I talked to my dad about it a few weeks back and that's what he thought (he's practically a doctor) and I would have called him yesterday but he was in Rochester (today New Jersy, tomorrow DC, Thurs-Fri Boston teaching a seminar at Harvard, or at least that's where he taught last time he was in Boston) and I didn't know his sched, didn't want to interrupt anything important. I'll try and see my doctor later this week (if he has an opening) and get everything figured out asap!

*snork!* I know that, Blue. I was responding to your "I even directly acknowledged it for Sharon's benefit" comment to ASK.

AS IF you need to point out a pervie opportunity to me!! HA!

*smooch!* Sorry I wasn't clearer about that.

{{sarah!}} I hope your doc can get you some relief FAST!

*waves hi to Betsy*

sharon, I think we're probably even on the spinal stuff. :)

And yes, the prescription drug I take for those headaches has a lot of caffeine in it.
/end medical report

el, if ya want a lot of caffeine, all ya gotta do is drink lots of coke, or coffee...ya don't need drugs.

what the hell am i sayin'?!?

never mind. :)

Ahhh. A soothing smooch.

*Plops on Hammock o' Happiness*

*Plops on Hammock o' Happiness*

Okay....I'm not cleaning that up, Blue.

*evil grin*


Let's keep it dirty.

Glad you came to your senses, s'girl. You had me worried there for a minute! ;)

yeah, don't know what happened there, for a moment. :)

Temporary insanity. Happens to us all.

I've heard that mojitos and cider are sovereign cures for temporary insanity. I suggest we all take immediate action to stave off this wretched condition.

*goes back to grading papers*

*reads first sentence of a particularly stinky paper and decides grading can wait until later*

i'll pass on the cider, but i'll take the mojito!

and besides, i don't suffer from insanity, i enjoy every minute of it. :)

sharon~ Why stinky? Did they staple a dirty sock to it or something? You can grade them down for that.


I wouldn't *snork* too deeply after that stinky paper comment. Ya never know what you might inhale. ;-)

temporary insanity? that's for people with a fear of committment

like my grampa bill always said, if you're gonna do somethin, well then do it

if you're not gonna go full-blown ape-sh!t crazy, then don't waste everyone's time

i mean good crazy tho

get it? good crazy...


so here i am again, just me - no crickets tonite, cuz they all froze last nite - just little frozen cricket carcasses now - cricketcicles i guess

frozen cricketcicles are a lot quieter than actual live crickets

just sayin

*hops out of the shadows and pounces on TCK*


but they do still crunch when ya step on em

howdy snugglebug!

thought you were a jagular for a second there

*googles jagular*

Well, maybe I am! ;-)

you had to google "jagular"?


pooh bear darlin - it's a winnie the pooh reference

didn't ya watch winnie the pooh when you were little? hell, i still watch winnie the pooh

And if I am, you simuled with one. ;-)

No, I never watched Winnie the Pooh. We mostly didn't have TV when I was growing up, and by the time we did, I was beyond Pooh-bear age. But google is my friend; it told me all I needed to know about jagulars.

And on this kilt, I do indeed "...hide in the branches of trees, and drop on you as
you go underneath."

ah, a Bumbular


so how's my favorite snugglebug?


... um ... I dislike casting an avuncular pall upon your merriment, but I didn't have TV when I wuz Pooh age, either ... we hadda read books, 'cuz TV wuz barely somethin' of which we'd seen a photo in Life™ Magazine ... or on the "News of the Day" reels @ the movies ...

Of course that wuz before Disney (in its "modern" era, after Walter E. had established the dominance of Mickey, Donald and the gang ...) began its quest to acquire all the rights to every children's story ever told, or ones yet to be written) ... like ... a LONG time ago ...

Merely sayin' that I knew Pooh (and C.R. and Eeyore and Tigger and Kanga and Roo and Albert the Alligator and Howland P. Owl and Churchy La Femme and all them others ...) before TV ...

I dunno if my train of thot had a caboose -- if so, it must've derailed ...

hey bud :)

i read pooh before i saw him on tv too

didn't see him on tv until i had kids of my own

and Bumble

why just so-so?

*zips in*

*waits to hear about what's wrong with Bumble*

Does it have anything to do with the Elton John Candles? :)

I read Beatrix Potter, Little Critter, The Berenstain Bears, Frog and Toad, Why Mosquitoes Buzz in People's Ears, Stone Soup, and many others when I was growing up, but never Winnie the Pooh.

TCK~ I don't know. Ever since I moved back home and started back to school it seems like I've been in perpetual state of unhappiness, discontentment, insecurity and worry, and I can't seem to shake it. I don't know why; I never used to be like this. Sometimes it's better and sometimes it's worse, but it's always there to some degree. It's annoying and scary.

*hugs Bumble and tippy toes off into the night*

unhappiness, discontentment, insecurity and worry?

wow - that's a heavy load

did you know that i will help you carry that, any way i can? and if i'm not around, there are lots of other kilties that are happy to help out too?

talk to us darlin - we'll help if we can - you know we will

Unhappiness, discontentment, insecurity and worry?

Ditto whut TCK said ... heavy load, willin' to help ...

Life's mebbe a bit easier from my perspective (bein' old), but then that's a relative concept ...

I'm guessin' the unhappiness stems (mostly) from the others ... discontent is readily understandable, with classes and conflicts, along with your job frustrations -- which add to the thots of insecurity -- worry? Natural, given your other distracting situations ...

... um ... no answers, merely guesses, and an ear willin' to listen ...

Remember, the differences between/among an optimist (glass is half-full), pessimist (glass is half empty) and moi ownself (burp!) ...

TCK~ You've got mail. I hope your computer chair's a comfy one.

I didn't used to be such a pessimist. I had a couple of big disappointments and setbacks in the last couple of years, and it's just taken a huge toll on my outlook on life. I'm negative, I always assume the worst of myself, and I constantly view my future as bleak and hopeless, whereas I rarely contemplated it before; I just plodded along one day at a time and took things in a stride as they came.

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