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May 24, 2006


(Thanks to fritz)


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"Blinded by the light
Wrapped up like a douchenator ..."


*crosses legs*

Now I know how you guys feel about the penis biting stories.

Shoots 599 ft @ 140mph....

I could douche and gargle all at the same time.

that? or this??

Oops...that's a mere 500 feet...

oh, and punkin poo? ewwwwwwwww!

This might be good for Courtney Love or Anna Nicole Smith. Both of them look not-so-fresh to me.

"we are geniuses here, not pervs"

Same thing in my book!

The Oozinator? That write up is friggin' nasty!

angene15: fortunately, there's a group of overly concerned (read: scary) folks out there trying to uncover all truths related to the oozinator, in order to bring the creators of this toy to their collective knees (to what purpose, one can only guess). clearly they've yet to hear about the "Douchenator" (isn't he the governor of california?)...

could douche and gargle all at the same time.

Excellent, punkin! (And don't forget the pictures.)

My father would probably hurt himself with that. I can see it now. He loads up the water balloons, takes them to the door leading out of his studio, gets ready to launch and fires.

Then the balloon careers off of the door, into the studio and off of a painting when it finally hits the moped suspended at the back from the ceiling, which falls down, cracks open and catches on fire from the kerosene lamp beneath it. Voila, new light house.

For the sake of the thing not blowing up in my face I'd add a release valve that is rated justed below that of the PVC.

You know, with the right tubing you could power this with your propane tank like they do those corn cob cannons at the corn mazes.

Anytime you have to say you're not a perv, you are so a perv

I'm highly offended.

Thanks for the lowdown, puppytoes. It's good to be informed on such pressing issues of society.

Why is it called a "water balloon" launcher when it only launches golf or tennis balls, and when no water balloons were used in the making of the product?

Lisa: Obviously a MAN designed it.


Three-inch PVC?

Heck, I know where I can get some 10-inch ... and a six-inch ball-valve ... and ... um ... nevermind ... I did NOT write this post ...

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