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May 25, 2006


Fabio is now starring in the Kitchen of Love.

(Thanks to DavCat14)


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And in twenty years he will be Governor of the great state of California.

I hit the "Back to Reality" button almost immediately!

They could call the campaign - "I can't believe it's not Schwarzenegger"

Hmmmm. Has anyone seen him and the Crypt Keeper together?

Is there a gap between his teeth? Is he really Madonna doing her day job?

I can't believe it's not cringe-inducing. Oh wait, it is. My bad.

and that, my dear, is every bit as creepy as this.

My, my, my...so many comments, so little time. Anyone watch Sprays of her Lives? (yes, I know, but we don't need to go there. Really) Apparently butter can put you into a coma.

I can't believe I'm not barfing up my lunch now.

Oh wait, I am. My bad.
*grins at Chianca*

I thought it was fun. I just emailed my wife Fabio's voice saying "I want to fondle your firm vegetables".

This is funnier when you know that Mrs. Stuffin is humor-impaired, and will no doubt be calling me on the phone any moment to ask me to explain it.

I can't believe he's not buffer.

does anyone else think that Fabio looks like Carman?

Oooh! Which of the Blog Posse would like to receive a Fabio-Gram?

also, is it just me, or has the man no neck?

I'm just thankful that the "next room" was not the bedroom.

Because, I mean, ick.

marfie - I agree. Not to mention severe cranial calcification, which I did not mention.

*installs "back to reality button" on office door*

Show of hands, *WHO* finds Fabio attractive?
I'm waiting.
Call me when there's an answer.

*hits "back to reality" button*

Will Fabio turn Flabio? Or will he just shrink in on himself, like a raisin?

Oh wait! I don't care!

Play nice, Punkin.

Rule of thumb: Never buy liquid soybean oil from a man with cleavage.


Now that is just wicked scary!

I just heard that Fabio got accepted to the Jack LaLain Creepy Old Codgers Who are Buff for Their Age, But Let's Face It There Is More To Life Than Steroid Enhanced Muscles Society. Yay for him.

Oh my Bob Fabio's head is HIDEOUS!!!!

You guys ever hear a guy complain that there's no flippin' way possible to ever understand women? Huh?

If Fabio is, as you say, "ick" then why is he the one on the cover of a bazillion Romance Novels? (Which the last time I checked, (yep, still is) is a literary genre read only by women.) Why not some little dweeby guy like Orlando Bloomers or Leonardo Decapitated?

Why is it that in public you go all moony for shrimpy bespectacled types like Johnny Depp and Clay (who is clearly the bastard son of Katherine Hepburn) Aiken, and then when no-one (no men for sure) is looking, in the "Romance" section of the bookstore, you go straight for the Fabio?

Oh, and Fabio sends you his love, he says "let me cream your corn."

What's with the Brawny guy and the pony? That was most disturbing...

mud...you know, when you rant like that...you're kinda cute.

(Lifts face from paper sack,) Thanks, Annie.

(Resumes breathing into paper sack.)

I was worried from the moment he invited me to "essplore" his "kitchen". Oh my my my. What has the butter industry come to? I wish I wasn't at work and could essplore more fully without fear of snorking all over my keyboard.

And just for the record, Johnny Depp is most definitely NOT a shrimp. If they put HIM on the cover of a romance novel then I might be tempted to start reading them.

Johnny Depp is 5'-10" and weighs about what, 160?

(Coughs) shrimp!

Whoa! Was that a hurricane?

No, that was mud making a sweeping generalization.


I had to leave the Kitchen of Love to go to the Bathroom of Puking.

HAR!! to artchick!

Nyah! to mudsie, followed by a *muah* anyway.

@ artchick, I offer my hearty and sensuous SNORK of humoritude.

Now wait one minute, mudstuffin! I'm 5'11" and 156 and I've never been called a "shrimp." A big-mouthed bass, maybe.

My whole office is laughing hysterically over this one! Thanks...

Johnny Depp is SO not a wimp.



Mike: In the general sweep of the aforementioned generalization, Mr. Stuffin may have inadvertantly included certain manly men of non-shrimpitude. For that he apologizes. He was, as the record in context clearly shows, targeting pouty-lipped, tousled-hair, doe-eyed movie-star types and in no way meant to call into question the general beefiness or fishiness of any blog reader in particular.

The record also clearly shows that Mr. Stuffin has chosen a public forum to critique the behavior of female of the species, by making sweeping generalizations (no wind has escaped him recently, though) which demonstrates that he is a complete wack-job, and sleeps with his dog.

angene - That WAS nice. I was referring to the fact that I don't give a flippin flapjack about Fabio. Never understood what some women (whom I have never met one of) see in him.

As for the blog - I care deeply. These people are like my family. Except I've hardly ever seen their faces, invited them to dinner or bought them Christmas presents.

Oh wait....they're EXACTLY like my family!

*snork* at annie for 'i can't believe he's not buffer...'
shouldn't the new 'hunk' be named Pat?

The man needs a good haircut. And I wonder how much they paid Arnold to dub his voice...

I desperately wanted to click "Back to Reality" immediately after entering the site. That was super creepy. Ick!

mudstuffin, *snork*

mud - apology accepted.
*restocks doghouse to get ready for the week-end*

Fabio= I B Oaf.

Oh, Annie - that was just excellent.

That sounds exactly how he talks too

Thank yew. I B Hair all week.

Annie, I almost posted "Fabio doesn't anagram to anything" earlier. Glad I didn't!

One of my favorite fabio stories was when he was hit in the face by a duck on the roller coaster.

How a duck was allowed on a roller coaster, I have no idea, but it had a heckuva right hook. Aflaaac!

FIRST: I have never bought a "romance
novel, nor have I ever met a woman who has.

SECOND: Don Juan DeMarco was one of the best movies ever!

THIRD: Leonardo DiCaprio *ahem* is 6' tall.

FOURTH: There is no fourth.

So ... Fabio is foolin' Mother Nature, eh?

... merely ... wonderin' where that could go ...

OtheU- Surely, you are NOT suggesting that Fabio (*note to self: if you ever type that name on your keyboard AGAIN, either kill yourself, or have Jack shoot you in the thigh...) needs to create a penis-shaped matrix of a bear, are you? (I know, I shouldn't call you "Surely," call it, "my bad").

I can't believe he's not buffer.

Snork @ Annie (I read that the first time as 'I can't believe he's not butter.' and I was laughing my head off at that!)

*goes back to read the rest of the posts*

obi' -


I'm NOT ...

Like I said, 2 out of 3 for EL (there was no 4)!

O: TG!!! (And REALLY, I knew in advance, just checking! Again, apologies for calling you "Surely").

Soitenly ... and apologies fer callin' you "Soiten" ...

Attention Posse:
"Never underestimate the power of a hairflip"
-Fabio (it's creepy, but it's SO true!)

I laughed out loud until I nearly fell over at this one!

And by the way, perhaps I am the only woman in this blog-dom who DOES find Fabio sexy. But he does need a haircut. And frilly, lace-up white blouses with ruffles aren't as manly as they might initially seem.

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