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May 22, 2006


Formal TP.


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NOTHING is better than beans on toast. Except beans on jelly.

"Not even the versatile Philippe Starck, who has designed everything from a toilet cleaning brush to an earwax scooper,..."

Nothing clever, just ewwww!

And isn't black toilet paper going to be a little difficult to gauge the effectiveness of the, um, you know...

never mind.

ink and gold nightclub...
Huh? Have I gotten so far behind?

"It certainly doesn't jump out at you."

I should jolly well hope not. If my toilet paper jumped out at me, I'd be seriously freaked out.

so will the spokesman be a leather-clad, tattooed, nose-ring wearing Mr. Whipple?

Yes, Insom. And he's DEAD.

Black Tie TP? You could use it as a black tie, I guess.

also, Renova Black WBAGNFA romance novel character (from what I hear, having never read one)

That may be the longest article ever written on toilet paper of any color.

Ummm..not to be too obvious, or gross, but does the black ink leave more than it's taking off?

If black is the new black, again, should its influence extend to toilet paper?

A better question: If black is the new black, what was the old black?

soooo - when do you know you're ... ummm ... done?

CR- how would you know with regular tp in a dark, candlelit wc? I'm not sure black would make it more difficult.

When it is dark, I know I am done when my finger no longer stinks.

WELL - how do YOU do it?


I think that the most frightening part of that article was
"(The Double Seven's bathrooms are tiled in black, have black toilets and sinks and are lighted by candles.)"
After what happened as Warwick RI the Station and Boston's Cocoanut Grove fire back in 42. I would not go near a club that used any thing that causes a flame. not even one of those drinks that they light on fire before drinking.

'Steps back on the Geezed bus.'

That would be the Geezer Bus.

I can't believe I'm the first one to notice this:

He also admitted, more prosaically, that when he stocks his bathroom with Renova Black at parties, guests tend to pinch the rolls.

Is it really formal, or is it goth? (NTTAWWEither)

I have an aunt or great aunt or somehting whose job it was to collect old telephone books. Out where this was, though, indoor bathrooms hadn't quite caught on, and most people wanted to keep their books. I mentioned this in a family history report in high school, and the only question I was asked was about whether or not the pages left ink behind.

idea of spectacle and how it relates to consumer products while at a trade show in Las Vegas. Black was an intuitive choice for toilet paper, he suggested, because it signals "avant-garde creative work."

i had NO idea that using the TP would be such creative 'work'. i suppose, it depends on what you ate, doesnt it? and

Note to self:

Never, ever shake hands with CoastRaven.

Chris, Chris, Chris. Everybody knows that pink is the old black.

"I wanted as many tastemakers and influencers as possible to have a personal encounter"

OK, I'll be in the bathroom, but ONLY TO THROW UP!!

DaSilva ventured that his new product was "neither solely a product, an object or a communication tool," but some heady combination of all three.

Toilet Paper as a communication tool? I can hear it now:

"I'm sorry, I'm not good with words, but this black TP should say it all"

Heady? I'm not even going to go there...

"Heady"... hmmm, not from a military background myself, but????

Way way too much "art snob" word terminology used in this article to describe toilet paper.

"Not Heady, HEDLEY!"

All I can say is I hope it's made with an ink or dye that doesn't bleed or rub off when it gets wet. No rings around Uranus.

And, leave it to the NY Times to publish like a 15,000 word article on black toilet paper. I guess someone's gotta do it.

"...you've changed the color of something very ordinary, and so people are going to interact with it in a very different way."

Different... how? You go in the bathroom, do what you do, reach for the toilet paper, and... what? You don't use it as toilet paper? You hold it differently because it's a different color? What? What is he picturing here? I'm thinking the interaction with the toilet paper is pretty much the same no matter what, but then I am not a preciously fashion-conscious New York artiste, so clearly I know nothing.

How long will it be before someone throws a bridal shower using the black toilet paper for the toilet-paper bridal gown game?

By "interacting differently", I believe he's referring to how people "pinch it" now, instead of using it. Can ya blame them? Free vs. $2.50/roll. What I found scary was the deep red roll option, cause that.... that's... never mind.

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