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May 24, 2006


(Thanks to Drew Harchick)


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Yeah - but great personalities are a challange for a whole list of other reasons.

Oh, what great headlines Drew hath found for us.

Members of the EGI have been studying great tits in the woods at Wytham, Oxfordshire, since 1947.

How do I get a job like that?

"[The tits] had evolved in different directions, getting heavier in one part and lighter in another."

Researchers said, "We may have to change our labeling taxonomy to acknowledge the divergence of the species. Some will still be 'great tits' while others will be referred to as 'nice tits, but not exceptional.'"

"Members of the EGI have been studying great tits in the woods at Wytham, Oxfordshire, since 1947."

Wow, they must be old...and tired....

And why does it surprise anyone that great tits are a result of evolution? Survival of the fittest - or tittest.

*snork* @ Ken's tits.

(Nothing personal, Ken. Speaking of tits, how's Barbie?)

"...and I say to you, my friends, how can you look at these great tits, and NOT believe in a benevolent Creator???"

Elsewhere in evolution news, tits have been seen evolving into hunting dogs. Some tits were witnessed evolving into Pointers, while others were noted to be evolving into Setters.

At last! Proof of intelligent design! Tits in yer face Darwin ..

Think *scatology*.

*damn -- always pushing on the pull door...*

Show us your tits!


Not *quite* what we had in mind.

Oh, tits! I thought you were talking about boobies.

Thanks for keeping us abreast.

I see Jay Leno's every week, and that still has to be one of the funniest headlines I've ever seen

Snork! Ow!! You know how you can laugh so hard milk comes out your nose? It works with French Onion flavor Sun Chips, too...

*snork* at Boris!!

There are blue-footed boobies, and orange-footed boobies. Look it up if you don't believe me. They don't take off and land very well, too self-conscious about having feet that don't match their outfit.

Hanna, plus, they're top-heavy.

Mebbe if this group and the Society for the Study and Preservation of Equus Asinus would get together, we'd get somethin' like this ... ?

OtheU: Not to mention, in the film version performed by none other than Wayne Gretzky's wife (though not at the time she performed this). (I know I'm taking a gamble mentioning it, but please don't throw the book(ie) at me...)

Nah, great trivia item ... I'd forgotten about that ... her role in the film ... or ... whom she married, later ... or ... whutever ...

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