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May 20, 2006


Warning to Men: You may not want to click the link.

(Thanks to Janice Gelb)


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Deja Vu....the feeling we've read this blog somewhere before.

A hot dog stand in LA sells T-shirts that say "Bigger weiners are better". This must be what they mean.

A didn't know Judi had a double.

I, not A! D'oh!!!

Pirateboy-Developing a bit of a Southern accent, are you?

Convenient rope strap through handle for hanging when not in use.

 How's a guy supposed to comment when all the good double entendres are already in the link? Sheesh.

Hey Honey, touch my weener and see if its hot..

wow, I didn't know even judi could fall victim to the double post

wow, I didn't know even judi could fall victim to the double post

So judi, how do you think walter feels about this?

Yes that was on porpoise, and I realize that it's not exactly true. (One is under "Yellow for Caution", the other is not)

Oh, and *snork* at Cheryl

Tonight, on "It's The Mind"...

Whoa, I didn't have my glasses on when I clicked the link. Only saw the grilled weiner, not the REAL Ebay item. LOL I thought "what a gag!"

take a look at how burnt the end of that thing is...man, that guy must be pissed!

...and the size! That's like every guy's dream!

Not part of every guy's dream: Needing a rod up your a** to hold the thing up.

really? can you give me the link?

Very strange deja post ...

Read it twice, then I thought I got a mystery *snork* from fudtheman.

should probably just start all over today ...

sorry, finally see what y'all are talking about. lol

For those of you just reading this, this article was posted twice on the main page. The all-powerful judi has now removed the double post.

Here poke my weiner with that stick.....

"Comes Black Unless Other Wise Requested by email after purchase)"

Errr...on second thought, not going there...

Item Location: Poca, WV

Too bad these items aren't from this town.

I like mine extra crispy!

I want one that's well done!

Anyone who would post this is probably the sort who would show up with coathangers and weiners if your house was on fire.

do you have any grey poupon?

Nice post!

Hmmmm...after seeing the condition of your weiner, do you mind if I ask you to use a condoment?

Dearest Judi,

I returned your email, although late, as is my custom, but what with all the blathering chicanery that my emails entail, and the fact that it is from a somewhat dubiously named uberwinky, it probably got gobbled by your SpaMMonster 3000(tm thingy).

But I gave Lab Specimen permission to do that thing you were curious about. And yes, I know how that sentence looks :)

does it come with nice buns?

fudtheman has been replaced by the DJ 3000

"Well hot dog! We have a weiner!

*KTK-type laugh*

"stained oak handle"?...TMI!

In fudtheman's link to Dildo, Newfoundland, I found that the school mascot for Woodland Elementary School is appropriately named. ISIANMTU (I won't even go into his advice to the kids...)

Also, *snork* at Betsy's "condoment".


Seein' this reminded me that I have a friend whose nickname is Weiner ... and ... his wife's name is Sandy ... and ... NEVERMIND!

O: I hope they don't spend too much, um, "quality time" at the beach!

that's just the wurst....

thank you federal duck man ;) i got your email and told the labster.

I think the seller missed a golden opportunity to show several of this skewers with everything thing from those Oscar Mayer mini-smokie links (or a breakfast sausage) to a giant knockwurst; perhaps even having a father and son holding their respective skewers by a camp fire (now let's see, who should be holding the one with the mini-smokie link?)

sadly. I have a brother in law, that OWNS this all ready.

... um ... so ... that would put your brother-in-law ... "ahead of the curve" ... so to speak ... right, newbierachel? ... merely ... um ... observin' ...

Also good for marshmallows! :)

I got yer marshmallows right here!

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