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May 27, 2006


We report; you decide.

(Thanks to Stupendous Man)


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Well this is a fowl development. I'm mallard as hell and I'm not going to take it anymore!

Well, I won't be ordering the Jeunvenile Alien Soup then. If it's fatal in ducks, who knows what kind of indigestion it will give to humans.

The alien doesn't look to be too pleased that a duck did him in...a most unexpected development...

Thank goodness this will be available on eBay. I'm so tired of having to sneak to those seedy shops out by the airport to purchase my UFO souvenirs and duck x-rays--it makes me feel dirty.

This reminds me of the somewhat disturbing Turducken trend that caught on a few years ago, wherein insanely ambitious chefs who can't choose their favorite type of poultry just don't, and instead manage to defy the laws of nature and somehow roast a turkey stuffed with a duck, stuffed with a chicken.

I guess the real question is: does baby alien go best with orange sauce or sherry vinaigrette?

Baby alien goes best with fava beans and a nice chianti.

Ah, thank you, Ann. I knew someone here would know.

Turducken: what visitors to the poop-throwing monkey cages do.

*crosses Peking Duck off of list of favorite foods*

I just got a flashback from the "Alien" chestburster scene...

What I wanna know is did the stupid people open the duck up to see what the Heck it swallwed? If you find out out, Dave or Stupendous, give us an update. BTW, is Cordelia in Florida? :-)

Go Ducks, Go!

... um ... IMHO, that looks more like this ... which, BTW, was stolen ...

It's OBVIOUS! The DUCK did it!!! (Has NEbuddy seen Fed lately? Where wuz he on the day this painting wuz stolen? Coincidence? I think NOT!)

OH NO!!! It couldn't have been Fed they X-rayed?!?!?!

FED! FED! FED! ... Satiated ... (burp) ...

Patron: Waiter! What's this alien doing in my duck?

Waiter: Not all that much, it seems. We'll take it off the bill.

Well, this one I believe.
The grilled cheese sandwich not so much.

Kathy, I'm with you. Didn't they do an autopsy to see what was/wasn't inside?

Geesh! A little scientific method here, please!

Thoth Duck Teeth Are Really Thumthin!

"E.T. phone home!"
"E.T phone hooome!!"

The alien looks mallard-justed.

Oh, and What-the-duck?

sweep sweep

PB, that's twice I've had to clean up after you today! Happy Saturday!!

Sarah J: Have you ever met a guy who cleans up on a Saturday? It is the Day of Sloth ;)

Thothe alienth are DETHPICABLE!!!

And to think, Marvin had been chasing Bugs the entire time.

I have been wanting to make a comic book based on my life. A character has very strange luck. Because of this his super pet is a cybernetic duck.
"Back away from the DUck!!!"
Will be a catch phrase.

Now I see, I might have proof.

I was once attacked by a duck which looked like an alien. Does this imply some wierd crossbreeding, and not just interspecies consumption?

Ducks In Black

J: How many times have you flashy-thinged this poor duck?
K: Couple.
J: So, what you not worried about no long-term damage?
K: Little.
J: Hey, K, have you ever flashy-thinged me?
K: No.
J: I ain't playing with you K. Have you ever flashy-thinged me?
K: Well, you remember that painting, The Scream, that was stolen?
J: No...
K: Good. Now put Fed down and look over here...

*tackles and hugs Fed, stuffs him with a chicken*

*Snork*s to everybody!

I think they discovered that what the duck ate was just a bunch of corn.

Hey Spammer, DUCK OFF!

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