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May 18, 2006


Be happy. Now.

(Thanks to DavCat)


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carpe giddeum

Have a nice day. Or else.

"Sun Skills Minister"? Does he report to President Moonbeam?

*snork* @ MOTW.

Okay, I'm lying -- that was an honest-to-goodness *LOL*. It's just that I hate typing those letters.

I hope you're happy now!!!

*snorks Marfie*

Who are these "experts" that find out what day people are happiest? Who pays them?

*note to self: should be a better job than mine, revise resume to include "Excellent skills at finding out when people are happy," send in.

See next thread above and ask THAT guy if today is his happiest day!

Hmm. I thought I was just happy about last night's Mojito. Or what happened aft--nevermind... But, anyway, no, turns out it's just a great-big, gorgeous, bright, bright, sunshiney day. *deeply serendipitously happy sigh*

Not buyin' it.

This is the happiest day of the year? Now I really am depressed. *goes looking for prozac or emotional support dog to kick*

*in his best Droopy voice*
Ya know whut... that-makes-me-happy... pip pip.

oh, nutz to you. and fooey.


Try it this way...

I agree with Eeyore...today I found that someone was nice enough to leave a fully loaded baby diaper in the bed of my truck.

Thanks a lot mystery diaper dumper.

I am not happy - I want a new May 18th.

You people need Mojitos. ;)

I wondered what that feeling was!

Lisa...I was blaming it on allergies and Sudafed myself....

CR, thank you, Droopy is my favorite!

I think that in light of this important finding we need to make May 18 a holiday. But not a "buy a bunch of stuff and stress out about family" holiday. It should be a nobody do anything day, to just relax and enjoy life. Then we can all get back to work.

Ve haf vays to make you happy!

(By the way, angene, Mystery Diaper Dumper WBAGNFARB.)

Good job, Renee, don't know how I missed that one!!

carpe giddy-up....aka - go, fish!

What kind of Frikkin' "expert" gets paid for THAT?

TRWC - I guess with a mojito every day can be 5/18. Count me in!

Annie- carpe tunnel syndrome: the uncontrollable urge to sieze the Holland in New York.

8:18 and I just now read that this was the happiest day of the year. I missed it. Rats.

Mojito - It's the quicker picker-upper!

snork @ nannie.

I have nowhere else to post this, so may as well offer it here, on the happiest day of my life.

This evening, my not-quite-three year old child managed to get her elbow stuck in the back of one of the same dining chairs she has been sitting in since she was old enough to sit.

Long story short, I had to call the police department to come and help me get her out! (See pics here and here)

Maybe I'm just a bad mother, but I found the entire thing hysterically funny. In a bad sort of way.

Best day of my life my a$$...

Jacki, you didn't just use some elbow grease? Trust me, when I was a kid, I got into all KINDS of predicaments and accidents that my parents were ROFLtAO, and at the time, I was preeeettttyyyy steamed about. But looking back on those situations now, it toughened me up to realize that you gotta tackle life as it comes. I'm much stronger for it and can laugh just as much as my parents did then about the incident. Your daughter will do the same, you're not a bad mother, time will heal.

Oh Morganna was completely un-phased by the entire thing. She sat there and ate her dinner with one hand and craned her neck around to see the TV. (In retrospect, I guess I could have turned her chair lol!)

I tried everything to get her arm out, including breaking the wood without breaking her arm. When I finally told her I was going to call the police to come and help, she said, "Leave my arm alone Mommie, the police will get it out". !!!

There will be a debt to pay in the future. I'm not sure what yet, but I'm keeping score...lol!

Jacki- re: paying debts in the future

Mom? My tuition and book costs both went up... can you send me $500? No, no, I'll cover the rest! And I'd like to bring down the guy I just met for dinner, 'cause I think he's gonna propose!!! We only met yesterday, but I think HE'S THE ONE!!!!

Let's see....

I have a miserable cold. I made my mortgage payment, emptying out my checking account. And the guy that has taken a year to lay my new patio informed me that he needs another $1500 because he absolutely HAS to finish the job tomorrow.

Other than that, it's been a GREAT day.

Jacki, You are obviously an excellent mom because you wasted no time getting the pictures up on the internet.

Jacki, did Morgana have a fully loaded diaper? That police officer looks like he smells something.....

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