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May 22, 2006



(Thanks to Drew Harchick)


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I suppose it could be worse ...

I reiterate the Huh?

my, what a LOVELY picture of nicole richie's dad. what was HE arrested for?

OH - what a feelin'
Dodgin pieces of the ceiling.

It probably has something to do with the "Hello" video, where the blind woman sculpts that bust of him that looks like Cro-Magnon Man.

Or maybe not.

i say it's just another way the insurgents are tryin' to mind f*ck americans...

Lionel Richie is Iraq's Jerry Lewis?


This makes it sound as if Mr. Ritchie had been on top of the lead tank, Iraq would have fallen without a shot being fired except by the Iraqis defending him from the few Iraqis trying to kill him (music critics all). Seriously, this does make him sound like a resource so far unused.


Phil, you might be on to something. Maybe he should pull a "Bono," visit the President, and offer himself for Peace. Couldn't be worse than the whore who offered her body to Bin Laden.

When they caught Saddam, did he say "Hello. Is it me you're looking for?"

Excellent, PirateBoy.

What can I say Dave, other than "huh?"

Well there is always WTFBBQ?!

All I can say is it's not Manilow. True this is strange, but it could be much worse.

*snork* @ PirateBoy

I wonder if he's been beaten silly by an Iraqi women yet? (A precedent has been set)

KOW - Barry Manilow would make an excellent weapon. We could blast "Copacabana" at the insurgents er, all night long. No one could handle that.

SNORK at PirateBoy!

This is an interesting phenomenon, I think.

I mean, the previously mentioned French Jerry Lewis obsession, the Germans love of David Hasselhoff and now this...

I had some friends who went pub crawling in Ireland, hoping to hear some traditional Irish ditties, and found themselves listening to "Achy Breaky Heart" at almost every pub....

There's probably a tribe deep in the Amazon that worships Celine Dion. No, wait, that's too scary..

But is he bigger than Michael Jackson is in Saudi Arabia? That would at least be some revenge for losing to "Thriller" at the Grammy's.

I heard Saudi's even like Joe Jackson videos. {with him in them!!!!!!!!!!!}
God I feel old.

I say we send Barry Manilow to Iran!

You forgot Jennifer Love Hewitt (the "singer/actress") who's HUGE in Japan. No one here even knows she sings, but over there her records sell like sushi.

Sarah J,
I'm almost embarrassed to admit this, but I actually own a Jennifer Love Hewitt CD and it's not too bad... She can actually carry a tune.

But I've heard the Japanese freaked over Alyssa Milano who put out a CD or two back in her "Who's the Boss" days. I checked out one of her videos on You Tube and it was pretty awful. She's cute and dances OK, but can't sing.

Go figure.

Tell Twitney & Paris that they're part of a USO tour going to Iraq.

Annie, that sounds a lot like my plan to send all of our annoying supermarket faces to Bahrain, a la Michael Freakson. They can all get together in the lady's room to redo their makeup and adjust their burkhas and veils.

He thinks it is because of the simple message in his music: Love.

*Looks around for a barf bag*

MY COUSIN WROTE THAT ARTICLE. :) John Berman. He is an intrepid, world-traveling reporter, but we HATE him going to Iraq. I don't think Lionel Ritchie music is much of a defense against suicide bombers.

Sounds like we have a bunch of candidates for The The Annoying Music Show!

When I sent this article to my friend Bill he said, "That's it. The terrorists have won."

PEOPLE! Don't you see that Lionel Ritchie is just a cover for GOVERNMENT MIND CONTROL?WHEN will you see the Truth?First they Numbed our senses with Satan's helper< Jimmy Buffet>, then it's Lionel, and soon, we'll be snapping up Donald Rumsfeld's Greatest Hits!ARGGGHHHH!

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