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May 26, 2006


Here's how we do it in Florida.

(Thanks to Karl Weckstrom)


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First! Just kidding.

Oh, I do that all the time up here in North Palm. Pretty cool of him to keep his Peeps on their toes.

(pulls gun)

Would be robber/kidder: "Ha-ha, just kidding."

Store clerk: "Thanks for the heart attack when you pointed the gun in my face."

judi's working late! Hope she gets overtime. It's the law!

New York style

(pulls gun)

Would be robber/kidder: "Ha-ha, just kidding."

Store clerk: Blam. "me too"

Xavier Florence: EAT SOME FLOOR, WOMAN!

*clerk hits floor, pulls an Anne Sellors, whimpers*
Xavier: Aw Sheryl, get up, I was just kiddin'! You see, with my new job as Convenience Store Robbery Preparedness Officer, it's my duty to scare the living cr@p out of you so that you'll be ready if a real bad guy ever shows up. Looks like you're gonna need some more training.

Sheryl Walker: Holy hot beef jerky, Xavier! I thought you'd gone out of your frikkin' tree!

Xavier: Sorry about that, darlin'. Mind if I grab a Pepsi on the way out?

Sheryl: It's fine by me, as long as you'll go over to my house and bring me back some dry pants. Where to next, Xav?

Xavier: *pops top* I'm headed to the Quik-E Mart to see if they'll microwave my penis-shaped container of urine!

Sheryl: Drive safe!


I was a C-store manager in Florida for four years. This guy should be shot!

Anyone else reminded of the scene in White Men Can't Jump where a guy gets recognized by the clerk and then tries to sell him the gun instead of robbing the place?

I think I speak for Allil The Spammer when I say:
PEOPLE! Our right to scare people is being taken away!Pretty soon, thanks to Rumsfeld, you wont be able to carry an axe through the airport lobby ,you will not even have the right to throw kittens off of the Nebraska Capitol building !!!God help you all!

Yaw Frimpong, accused goat thief, should have said 'Only kidding.'

CJrun- *snork

"Judge, we find the defendant not guilty of armed robbery.....not!"

In Florida, kidding has mutliple meanings. http://digitalartphotographyfordummies.blogspot.com/

KDF: word!

Walker, 48, recognized Florence, who told her he wanted to make sure she was prepared in case someone ever tried to rob the place, according to the BSO.

Yeah. Righteous plan, dude. Too bad Sheryl didn't laugh hysterically and blow his head off.

It's not like he was using it or anything.

If he didn't take anything, how could it be armed robbery? They could only charge him with malicious mischief, pulling a weapon (etc.), being an idiot...oh, right, that's not a crime (my bad), but not actually stealing.

Daisymae - attempted robbery armed with a lousy sense of humor.

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