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May 22, 2006


Now: Our bowels.

(Thanks to Mike)


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firsrt again?


Enemas work better. Faster too.

Handcuffed to a bed and pumped full of laxatives. Ick. Just ick.

I hope everything came out all right.

This must end.

And even though that's a very lame-o pun, I'm serious

Yes. Let's put it behind us.

Yikes, talk about yer loose cavities...

Isn't "Go Lightly" The Wisconsin State Motto?

Ok.....you all know my track record in the bowel dept. So, to avoid a conflict of interest, (or further incriminating myself or members of my sphincterly-challenged family),I'll sit this one out.

Did they give him black TP... umm... afterwards?

Laxative Search WBAGNFA Jack Bauer Interrogation Technique.

Enema of the State?

Their drug-sniffing dog is a shi-tzu.

Punkin - is that your GI tract record in the bowel dept?

I'm hearing Emily Litella (Gilda Radner)'s voice..."Bowels! What about my Bowels?"

Jane Curtain, "It's vowels, numnuts, not bowels!"

i'll bet this is the most hilarious story, ever. too bad it won't load up. (are my connections that crappy?) sigh

*snorks to Marfie and Annie

Marf, you really hosed me.

I'm with you, FCDA/el. Especially if you also mean an end (sorry) to attempts -- actually, far too many successes -- at making the worth of the US Constitution approximate that of used black toilet paper!

*wills breathing to slow down*

You don't ever want to get a libertarian on the subject of absolutely cannot ever possibly work government prohibition of anything "the war on drugs". Some of us begin to resemble Linda Blair ca. 1974.

*goes to look for blood-pressure medication*

My favorite part of this story was the last paragraph:

"In a dissent joined by Justice Louis B. Butler Jr., Chief Justice Shirley S. Abrahamson wrote that the laxative-obtained evidence shouldn't have been allowed because police didn't try to obtain a search warrant during the six hours that passed between Payano-Roman's arrest and when the first dose of laxative was administered."

How would you like to have typed up that search warrant request? "In short, we believe there is probable cause to search the suspect's, er, um, colon."

"I sense movement!" (that's for all the video-gamers on the geezer bus).

I'm with youse, WriterDude/FCDA/El - the cops should have inadvertantly gut-punched this guy with his own elbow hard enough to burst the baggie.

60 days. He got 60 days. For Heroine.

Man, I'm never swallowing my stash in Milwaukee again.

That is literally unconstitutional.

I suppose they will have to revise Miranda rights: "You have the right to a bathroom." Or maybe not. They won't have to shoot you in the thigh to make you give up your source, just post an "out of order" sign on the loo.

I am picturing Slim Pickens as Hollis Wood dropping his boot in the loo to get away from the Japanese in 1941. He swallowed the compass so they couldn't use it. They used prune juice to help the # 2 along

"Go Lightly"...if ever there was a mis-named product, that's it!

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