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May 23, 2006


If we read this headline correctly, they are engaging in acts of vandalism. They are also attacking police cars.


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"When cows go bad" -- Next on Fox.

What ya gonna Moo when they come for you?

Was the cow mad?

It wasn't any too pleased...

A spokeswoman for law firm Burness, who sponsored Robocow, said: "Residents have told us that Robocow went missing between 3pm and 6.30pm on Sunday.

"We have asked police to go over CCTV footage to see if they can discover who took her."

CCTV, hell. Check with Chloe at CTU. She can tell you exactly when Robocow went missing

*snorks John


John S and I are on the same twisted wavelength this morning. *snork*

"Police initially reported a bull was responsible for the traffic chaos but were later told by the farmer they had been mistaken about the animal's gender."

I am Woman, hear me Moo...
Grrrls can create chaos too..
You don't have to have a pizzle to be tough
You felt mighty big and male
Til you looked beneath my tail
Now you feel like a bit of British fluff

I am strong,
I am invincible
I am Moooooooooooooooooman

*emasculated snorque @ Betsy*

uh..."escaped cow"? escaped from where? (and if you say from the belly of a chinese freighter, i'm gonna have to come down there and slap you.)


"Use special anti-graffiti wipes, which are designed to remove spray paint without damaging the surface underneath."

These wipes were tested on "me" generation celebs who wear heavy stage make-up to hide their age, such as Cher, Barry Manilow, and Farrah Fawcet. As you can see, their make-up was removed without damaging the surface underneath.

*SNORK* @ Besty,

It reminds of the story about a hunter who was very proud of himself because he bagged one those rare and elusive "4-d*ck deers".

You know what this calls for, don't you?

You know I have to do this, because it's the only defense against cow vandalism.

Cows with Guns


Take Two; Cows with Guns

Thanks Sly.. it's funny every time.

Sly...thank you! I was afraid I'd have to click on my favorites link for that anthem...

...and *snork* at fivver's "emasculated *snorque*" !

The funny thing is that Highland cows are almost miniatures. Not much more than knee high.

Oooh, a nice wakeup song from Betsy!

English police deserve to have their "bonnets" damaged just for calling them "bonnets".

Now, a cow on a "grill" is quite another matter.

A police spokesman said: "When it is dark and there is a hairy creature snorting and pawing the ground in front of you, you don't stop to check."

That sentence vaguely reminds me of a date I once had in college. And yes, there was alcohol involved.

And is that how Aunt Nancy met Uncle Nancy?

random - that wasn't the date I was thinking of, but now that you mention it... :)

*snork* at Aunt Nancy! I had the same thought - and the same bad memory! :)

I hope sharon, our English prof, doesn't see that first headline. We don't want her to go berserk over such bad, bad writing!

"Escaped cow charges police car"


p.s. Thanks to sly - Cows With Guns never gets old! :)

Put me in the corral with Aunt Nancy and El - that line about large hairy creatures at night brought back some memories for me, too!

btw - cows can be quite mean, and bulls can be cowards.

Okay, okay, the word "snork" is now officially hackneyed. Everyone, find a new onomatopoeia.

Dr. Doug...No offense, dear, but WHAT??? Take away our *snorks* and you might as well..might as well..I dunno...sing the Star-Spangled Banner in Spanish or something.
*stomps off mumbling about lack of respect for tradition, the sad collapse of the British Empire, and the disappearance of the buggywhip*

Oooh, a nice wakeup song from Betsy!

some strange stuff with british cows.... they are finally fighting back and want to be treated like their sisters in india.

Dr. Doug - *SNORK!*
Don't mess with the classics, sir.

*zips in with hands on hips*

Yeah, what Annie and Betsy said.

And just for good measure:


Although the cow also struck the windscreen it remained intact.

What a relief! But how was the windscreen?

Because you know, there's nothing worse than having to clean up a broken cow.

Mr. Death...Thanks for some aerobic snorking:)

Sad, but expected.

Dr. Doug - don't have a cow, man!

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