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May 28, 2006


So we get to London today... and guess who's here.


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Hah! It's President Handbag!

Shoot him in the thigh, Dave!

Hellooo? Am I the only one awake?

Awdrey's there, too! Shoot HER first, Dave. And make sure it's a killshot.

Upon further examination, it seems to be a strange confluence of 24 and Star Trek. Hmm....who puts these things together?

Go, Chloe!

singing: *All alone again...*

Oh Dave, you MUST go and get a crapcam photo of you and Chloe. I would totally do it for you. Just don't get tasered.

Wow. Edgar's going to be a dad. I bet one Dave is one of those surprise guests appearing one day only.

I, too, vote for the Crapcam photo of Dave & Chloe! Puleeze, Dave, and let her know how much we love her.

(shoot Handbag and Audrey in the thigh, while you're at it)

I can only hope Dave is planning to be there with the crapcam!

I got "page cannot be displayed", which I assume is part of some conspiracy.
Against me in particular, since everyone else seems to know what Dave is talking about - hmmmmph!

Guests will allow personalisation of your item whilst it is being signed, in a few cases the guest may decline and this is their own personal choice.

Just keep this in mind, Dave. If you shoot, they may decline to personalize your item.

Picture with Chloe and a chance to practice your Klingon.. GREAT TIMIMG!

El...there's some kind of Expo in England that features an opportunity to meet stars...including many members of the cast of 24 and, coincidentally, the cast of Startrek. (go figure)

Prez Handbag is the first picture on the list.

Oh, sure. I get a double hat trick, and THEN you people show up!

Hey, Dave wrote a column in the Herald today. About hurricane season. I don't know how to link, so you'll just have to go find it for yourselves.

Of course Edgar isn't there...HE'S DEAD!

still can't type/spell... but really...Spotted Dick AND Pres. Hdbg?? More fun than should be allowed...

WHat Suzy Q said, Dave.

C'mon people! You got the "coincidence" backwards! Of all the places in the world Dave could pick to visit, he chooses the one in which Chloe is making an appearance -- on the exact weekend!

Dave may have some 'splaining to do to Mrs. Barry.

By the way, Kiefer thought it would be best to skip this event. Rumor has it Christmas trees were planning some sort of protest.

If Ms. Rajskub doesn't want to participate in a CrapCam shot, threaten her with a posting of this [I just KNOW I'm gonna mess up this link]:


Not just a crappy shot, but wierd little hair ringlets. At least it's a different sweater.

Hmmm.. more like a confluence of 24, Star Trek, and Stargate.

Thanks daisy.
I just tried again and the article came up.
I've never watched 24 (pssst, please don't tell Dave!), so it was fun to see who everyone was.

Heh... I just thought of something. Maybe Dave could convince Chloe to get a picture with her in a Wonderwoman costume.

Dave, drop all plans you have with your loved ones and please cover this once-in-a-lifetime 24/Star Trek convention. You will never hear the end of it from us always grieve missing this momentous occasion if you don't.

Snork @ CJrun for picture of Chloe in her 'starlet' days

walter koenig!!!! you gotta get his autograph.. really.

*offers to teach CJrun about image sizes and being thoughtful of people with non-giant monitors set for less than 1400 x 1000 resolution ... *

I only follow 24 through Steve's summaries, so I have a hard time figuring out who these people are supposed to be, (Cloe excluded). I didn't see President Handbag, or Robocop, or IEST, or even Cheney Looking Guy mentioned anywhere.

24....star trek...that other nerdwar show...um, do I know you people?

"Whilst"? "WHILST?" What the h*ll kind of stoopid word is "whilst?" Does anybody actually talk like that?

What? It's British English? Well, that's quite different.

Never mind.

ACKshully, Mr. C ... "Whilst" is a variation on the card game of "Whist" that is played with cards shaped like the letter "L" ...

... Happy to be of assistance ...

Mr. C - they truly use that word over there. The best part is that they get to show off their lovely dentalwork as they say it.



Relax. You have already qualified for a tax write off for this vacation.

*snork* at The I.R.S. -

Wow, I bet that's the FIRST time the IRS ever got a *snork*. :)

Okay, so handbag, audrey, Chloe, and Edgar were there - did you get the hot girl from Dead Zone's autograph?

Enter # of *snorks* on line 24a and on Snork Worksheet line 13b.

If you can be snorked on someone elses return, ....

Oh never mind.

You all forgot Tony! I know he's dead, but he was my favorite!! RIP Tony

You saw the Power Rangers?

Do you have a picture?

CJRun or anybody ...

Just curious. Do you know why that photo is titled "ricescowl"? I do have a reason for askin'...


(imagining Dave reading this, then asking Mrs. Blog real nice if he can be excused from that stuffy and boring tour of Buckingham Palace so he can go to the fan-fest instead and blog about it later)

Hey, if you can get a couple columns out of it...that's what mr mellio does when he insists on playing with the crappy cover bands whose singers cannot sing, he just says "Honey, I hear what you're saying, but it's a bread-and-butter gig, I gotta do it..."

And then I have to bite my tongue to keep from saying "but sweetheart, you can't HEAR how bad it is anymore, because you are half-deaf from playing in rock bands for the last thirty years...."

Ahh, relationships. Such a tap-dance. Come on Dave, you can pull it off! We wanna see you posing with Wonder Woman, it'll totally be worth the whole "being in the doghouse later" thing...

*snork* at mellio!

And I join in the request!

cheryl - maybe a play on her name? (which, i think, is pronounced rice-cub)
just a guess...

Please Dave shoot Audrey in the thigh.

I vote for a CrapCam shot of Dave shooting Audrey and Prez Handbag in the thigh.

...not that I have ever watched 24... That Arvin Sloan must be stopped! So happy they brought back Michael Vartan ;)

...Wow, I bet that's the FIRST time the IRS ever got a *snork*. :)


I, for one, snork the IRS EVERY April 15.

Snork,snork,snork,snork. I also wash their cars,cut their lawns (if there are no undocumented around-not that this is a bad thing,) and babysit the offspring of these noble government officials.

I think Dave should have them sign his Kazoo, if Mrs. blog does not object that is.

The Star Trek people are only there to deliver red shirts for season 6 victims

So it's just "coincidence" Dave's in the exact same city at the exact same time as Chloe *and* Ezri *and* Dr. Frasier?


Wow, looking at this list, there's no mention of Robert Picardo's role in "China Beach." He was so awesome in that.

I'll settle in here so it can be my perpetual birthday!

It's the ol' Tuesday / Friday combo day! Woo hoo!

I'm going to play with a new name.



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