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May 25, 2006



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What's surprising is he actually captured a picture of her using it.

Chianca ;-)

Chianca is on the ball today!!

And may I be the first to say ... EWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!! I wouldn't touch that auction item with somebody elses credit card.


unfamiliar and
strange stirrings - I want to be
a farmer's toilet

let me sniff the rim
where famous booty once sat
do I need a life?

oh, this will look great
over the mantel enshrined
my wife will be thrilled

I wonder if she hovered? It might be worth more if...

(scuse me; I have to go take Dramamine)

Well that's gotta be worth at least $2.50. I have to admit I am suspicious though since I didn't think celebrities used the toilet, they just had their publicist dish the crap to People.

Aint that a pi$$er!??

And who could miss a 1 cent bidet seat sale?!?! Certainly not moi.

Holy Sh!t!!!

No DNA, no sale.

I think the farmer's doing the right thing. I'd get that thing out of my house as soon as possible, too.

This item is just another reminder of how old and tired I am. I remember when that guy from Paul Revere & the Raiders auctioned off his freshly shorn pony tail. I thought it was a bit creepy at the time, to actually own someone's hair, yuck! These days, who knows what will be public property? Not even a person's bathroom or bedroom activities are private; double yuck; my naps keep getting longer!

Did he clean it first, or must we suffer her e.coli?

e.coli would be the least of my worries about what could jump off that seat and on to me

Does it come with the Herpes?

What? Celebrities pee?!

Maybe ABC can turn this concept into a new show - "Peeing with Celebrities".

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