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May 26, 2006



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"The relationship has totally broken down," a source told the Daily Mirror.

Isn't it seven years bad luck to talk about a break up to a Mirror?

Four for four... I think I am going to get fired now.

hm, I don't know if I don't care or if I REALLY don't care.

Happy Friday ALL

Go CR, go!

CR - are we the only folks working today?

Mr. Language Person wrote: BULETIN?

Grammer and speling mistakes happen to best us

As one of the "Red Neck Comedy Tour" guys said 'A divorce, or a tornado. Either way, someone is going to lose a trailer!'

Sondra - I noticed that, but ... considering the subject matter, mebbe he wuz usin' a variation of the spelling 'cuz it makes him bulemic?

I dunno ... that's all I got ...

Oh ... and 10£ per MONTH!?!?!?

If I saw correctly (just as I clicked to return here), that's whut it cost to subscribe to that electronic trash sheet ... (I'm NOT goin' back to check, tho ... once in a lifetime is more than I need of that ...)

Know what I love about casting the slightest aspersion on Dave? You get a whole column of people saying nice things about him.

Watch out for CR, he's on fire!

Why, you ask, does a Putzlicker Prize winning columnist have an obsession with Brit and Kev? The answer is simple really. Inside all men there exists a boy, a boy who love to watch things crash, explode and burst into flames. And Dave "Aiken-hair" Barry knew this slow motion crash-and-burn would happen eventually, we are just patiently watching happen.

No casting asparagus at Dave ...

If it weren't for this blog I'd have to find something else to be pretending to do.

I'll drink to that, Cheryl
*holds up Mojito*
Nope not an alcoholic here...

(alcoholics go to meetings)

oops meant to change my name there...

OK! Kibby's going in!

Hold the line!

... if I'm not back in 30 mins. it's because I killed this monkier ...

random (growing a K-Fed beard) thunking,

Putlicker? I thought it was a Pull-it-sir Prize.

And then I spelled Putzlicker wrong. Time to go back to bed and start over.

*holding the line*

I'll do my best, but after a late night of anagramming it's hard to focus.

Kibby F5™,

monkier? Moniker? I may be more infectious than a platypus.

whew, that's a long time to hold ones breath!

Sondra (with an "O"), I don't know. Would you being contageous make me put the "i" in an inappropriate place?

I've misspellled or used the wrong word in just about every post, since I mentioned BULETIN. Maybe it's Dave who is contageous.

KibbyF5, isn't putting your i's in inappropriate places called voyurism?

"Britneys. Why did it have to be Britneys?"

Snork! at Kibby F5

I swear the picture accompanying the article is of Drew Barrymore and not Bratney, but do we really care? Not really.

fivver, :-)

Britney probably told him to sleep in the basement so the press wouldn't find out about the break up.

The secret's out Britney, you can kick him out now.

There's a link under the picture of Drew Barrymore that says: "Britney denies car trouble." Now THAT'S a big story!

*and *snork* @ you all*

Pish tush! All you people are quibbling over your little grammatical nuances and crotchets (not croquets, crochets, croquettes or crotchettes), and no one has yet commented on the incredible poetic talents of Ms. Spears:

"No more chains that you gave me.
My crown is back and it's way too high
for you to be in my presence,
especially my son."

Her great, great, ever-so-great grandfather, Willshake, would be SOOO proud...

SONdra ... am I going to have to follow you from post to post making sure you type properly?

Slow down those fingers and have another Mojito.


I couldn't find words. Even 'Huh?' is an understatement.

Cheryl (not Sherill),

I think having Kahlua and Bailey's, instead of coffee with cream, has effectted my ... what was I asying?

Cheryl (not Sherill?) -

Is it all right if we cast broccoli at Dave? Zucchini? Bueller? Anyone?

*tosses an extra "L" that she has in her toybox up to Dave*

Thanks, El,

Maybe I can type straight, now, as thinking straight seems to be beyond my grasp.

A house divided. Trash on the bottom, skank on the top.

Being banished to the basement of the mansion is still a far cry from the trailer park he is destined to end up in. NTTAWW trailer parks, but he'll just bring their value down.

He won't end up in a trailer park. He'll be a multi-millionaire (after the divorce settlement),write books about his life with Brit and be on talk shows raking in the millions.

a source told the Daily Mirror

"Daily mirror on the wall
Who's the white trashiest of them all?"

"No more chains that you gave me.
My crown is back and it's you're (not your) way too high
for you to be in my presence,
especially my son."

There, fixed it.

"No more chains that you gave me.
My crown is back and it's you're (not your) way too high
for you to be in my presence,
especially my son."

There, fixed it.

I hate timeouts.

Then go to your room, Glix. Sorry, the Punisher Mom took over for a minute!

The real scary thing about all this stuff is that the people who read such tripe with love and intent, then go out and vote!!!! [Shivering]

Another scary aspect - this kind of writing only leads to an "Ah is Woman, Hear Me Roar!" album and tour.

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